The Castle Crashes Down

I didn’t know.

I trusted you, believed in you, and hoped for you. I prayed for you. You were my friend.

Tonight my heart aches. I am so sad.

I had suspicions that something was amiss, stories going awry, projected glory in the vague future, quotes pulled out of thin air, and a victim mentality that troubled me more than once.

I often wondered. But I didn’t know.

Tonight a friendship lies in shambles. I know that you are believing and will believe things that are not true, but I neither can, nor really want to set things straight. It’s never going to add up in your mind to anything except that you’ve been wronged. That is how it always is in the stories of your colorful life. Who was it that made you feel like you needed to pretend to be so much more than you are? Ah, my friend. You can choose to be enough.

There is physical evidence that there have been carelessly constructed stories that you may have made yourself believe, or may have put in place to protect your image, that were not true, and it makes me wonder how much more is true and who you really are.

I do not think I want to know.

I wish you well. I wish you love. I wish you joy. I wish you Truth.

Most of all, I wish you Truth, because it will set you free.

But I’m still sad.

My tears keep brimming over, and yet their only anchor is the person I thought you were. And that person is missing,

Lord Jesus, there is Grace enough. We all need your mercy.

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One response to “The Castle Crashes Down

  1. Joe

    This is so hard to process. My prayer for you my friend is you know His presence, encouragement, but most of all, quiet confidence of who you are in Him. I’m slowly discovering to let people’s views take the back seat. He’s your defender.

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