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We Have a WINNER!!!

First of all THANKS to all of you who read my blog and made a comment.  It turned out that EVERYONE left a comment, not just their names — so you were all on equal ground when it came time to choose.  I printed out all the names (64 entries!  YES!!!)–


and cut them into individual little strips and put them into my leaf platter:


And we (sure enough!) have a winner!


This is Mary’s entry:
“I love Dorcas’ blogs– she says what I felt but didn’t know how to word.  I live in Canada, and hope that doesn’t disqualify me.”

Well, Mary, at least for this reviewer, it does not disqualify you.  I will be glad to send you out a book.  If you could e-mail me you address at MaryAnnYutzy@gmail.com, I will get it out to you pronto!  And I know that you will enjoy it.

The rest of you, go ahead and order it.  It will be well worth it!

So that wraps it up, readers.  What fun!  Over 650 readers of the “giveaway post” and over 75 comments.  I’d call that a great success.  Thanks, Dorcas, for allowing me to be a part of announcing the new book.  It is almost as good as announcing the birth of a beloved child.  I pray that the influence of the family whose lives are portrayed in this book will expand the borders of God’s Kingdom here on earth and the population of Heaven when the stories here are all told and we gather there for some even better ones.

What a day THAT will be!


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