Today was a “grape juice” day at our house.  Kathy Sharp had called me to ask if I wanted her grapes, and she thought they were ready yesterday afternoon.  I think they could have had a few more days, but some were starting to rot on the vines and so I went down and got them.  She thought there might be a couple of buckets, but it turned out to be five 5-gallon buckets.  They were a blessing to me, as we were nearly out of grape juice.  I got 32 quarts of concentrate.  I kept both of my steamer/juicers going pretty much all day.
        Carson, who is the son of Certain Man’s nephew and his wife (Weston and Stephanie) was my helper today in this task.  There is a new baby at his house, and his Mama had a few post-pregnancy difficulties, so she is spending a few extra days in the hospital.  Carson has been spending his regular days with “Annie-tiss” as he calls her sometimes(Auntie Chris) and sometimes it is just “Teena”.  Around mid-morning, Christina brought him down because he wanted to go to “Aunt Mare-wee’s house.”  I was working on my grape juice, and Christina was blowing all the dead leaves off my deck with the blower.  Carson had been out there when she started, but the noise startled him, so I brought him in, put him on a chair beside my sink, and he immediately wanted to be involved.
        “Holp.  Aunt Mare-wee.  Gapes.”  he said firmly.  I wasn’t sure that he would be much help, but I gave him a stem that had only good grapes on it, and let him go at it.  He was terrific.  He pulled off each grape carefully and plunked in in the bucket.  He learned that some were “Geen” (green) and those were “Ew-w-w-”  He stuck at it faithfully for at least a half an hour and was truly a help.  Every now and then, he would look out the window and say “Teena. (Christina)  Bow.  (Blow)  Nosey.  (Noisy).”  After about a half an hour of productive labor, he decided that it would be fun to throw the grapes and pour water.  It got to be time to divert his attention, so Christina went to change his diaper, decided that he could use a bath (he was soaked to the skin from his “Holping”) and then gave him some lunch.  He was so tired by then that he was barely able to stay awake, so she took him to her house, where he had a good long nap and then he was busy “holping” Christina clean the garage.  His Grandma Crossgrove (“Gammy”) picked him up there this afternoon.
         This little guy really lights up our lives.  He is a precious, precious little fellow.  Almost never whiney or grumpy.  He has a healthy case of the twos right now, and one of his favorite words is “no” but even in that, he is easily diverted.  I often think of how many empty spaces he fills for us, and thank God that we have been so privileged to be a part of his life.  Can’t wait to see the new addition.  Stephanie tells me that Nevin James is a near replica of Carson.  We had hoped to go up to see them tonight at the hospital, but had two sets of drop-in company, and that derailed us.  Christina and Jesse got there, so I will be getting a full report, I am sure.
        Must run.  Lots to finish up here tonight.  It is Church Retreat weekend at Denton, so I have lots to do in the next 24 hours.
        Much Love,  Mary Ann


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  1. Hi!   You got this thing up and running!  The grape juice sounds so yummy! and yes, Carson is quite the boy.    Thanks for your encouraging comments for me and I plan on seeing you this weekend.   Bty, I did the first lesson in our books and it was great!  Looking forward to the rest.   Love you!  ~April

  2. My dear friend, I’m so glad you got this site going.  I’ll enjoy reading your thoughts.  Thank you once again for your diligent labor for me and mine.  J.R. looked at me with a silly grin as he was juicing at 5 and said, “Wanna’ go to Denton tonight?”  He knows we can’t but it was fun remembering how the last time we were there, the cooks had veggie burgers for me as a special treat.  And, come to think of it, a veggie pizza on Sunday.  Some sweet day when this is all over … maybe then …  Love you, Ethel

  3. Hello there!  Enjoyed reading of your day!  Hope all goes well this weekend.  On one hand it’s sad to not be getting there at all, but on the other hand, we plan to finally move into our house.  : )  ~ Evanna

  4.  Wow. Mary Ann got her blog going. This oughta be good! Might be a good thing to send out on yodelings! I’ll let you decide on that one though.

  5. Hi Mary Ann, I feel like I know you through my mom!  Was great wandering into you on xanga.
    Beth (Jane’s daughter)

  6. Hey Mary Ann, so glad to see you have a site. I have loved keeping up with my childrens sites and chatting with their friends. Hope you have a good day. Have you heard much from Lem? Love You,

  7. Anonymous

    Wow hello, this is Douglas Root (Billy Roots son, if you didnt know). i saw your site on someone elses xanga and thought i would say hello:)


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