So, all you out there in Xanga land.  Do you like my new “face?”  I wish I could claim responsibility, but I can’t.  My talented and ambitious daughter, better know as “Jesse’s girl” did this for me.  I think it is wonderful!  And that is all for now.  I need to get to bed…But THANKS, Christina!  You did a wonderful job.  I really do love it!


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  1. Beautiful, Mary Ann.  Just like you.  Thank you for making our soup today.  I am so grateful for each and every helper, in case I ever forget to say so.  Hoping your day is just as beautfiul as your new page!

  2. Mary Ann, we feel so bad not being able to be with the family on Sunday. Our small group was “hostess” and we needed to met at church. We did have a couple families stay and eat with us. Just one of those days you wish you could be at two places at once. What are you hearing from Lem?

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