I’ve been working with Youngest Daughter to try to bring some order to her room.  It is so funny to find old notes, attempts at poetry, and pictures that she and Lupe would concoct in their endless hours together.  Tonight, this was the star of the creative discoveries:

“Matt and Raph are so tough/ Raph and Matt eat a very big Mac/ and that’s why they are fat/  So thank-you.”    

(I have to wonder what brought that on!)

Lupe spent the night on Saturday night.  She has been living with her sister in Rehoboth, taking care of her niece and nephew.  It was incredibly sweet to have her here for the night.  We never see her enough.

Today at Wal-mart, I stopped in front of the specialty meats and had a sharp stab of grief.  I looked at those packages of Rapa Scrapple and realized that there is no reason to buy it any more.  Since Gertrude loved it so much, I would try to keep it on hand for her, but Certain Man holds scrapple in great distain, and his offspringin’s have adopted his prejudice, so the only person who would eat it would be me — and Eldest Daughter if she happened to drop by. . . and that isn’t enough to warrant the purchase, so I walked away and left it there.  Probably couldn’t get it past the lump in my throat, so it is just as well.  Anyhow — to use the language of Certain Man — “Who wants to eat something that has everything in it that a pig has, but the squeal?”  Come on, Native Delawareans, tell him a thing or two.  His handicap is that he didn’t grow up in Lower Delaware, and he doesn’t know what’s good.  So there!


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  1. Oh how pleased my man would be with some scrapple!  : )  I, on the otherhand, would probably have to side with Daniel.  Of course, I’m not a big “meat-lover” to start with so maybe my opinion doesn’t count!  : ) 
    May God sustain you through the unexpected “stabs of grief”.  They are so hard.  Love you!  Evanna

  2. The scrapple would have to be served topped with very good apple butter, however.  Whatever is it about grocery stores and grief?  I remember seeing a bag of those awful orange circus peanut candies in the check-out aisle shortly after my papa died and wanting to bawl my eyes out.  He loved those things and would keep a bag in a desk drawer to share with grands or whomever entered his sanctuary.  Love.  That’s what it is.  Unexpected power surges of love that just want release through our eyeballs!  Hoping your day is special.  Love you,  Ethel

  3. i definitely am on your side of the scrapple debate; non-sussex countians really don’t know what they’re missing. :]hope you have a fabulous day. :]-sarah

  4. “Power surges of Love” … I like that.  I can still cry over “circus peanuts” (and Sunday was 7 years since Jesus took Pappy home) and for Dad Wilkie it’s large bags of Christmas bows … don’t know that I could explain that one to anyone.  One of those inside joke things … but even after 8 1/2 years each Christmas time one could find me at least once standing in a store teary-eyed holding a very large bag of bows. 

  5. On the Scrabble Debate, I luv it and I can’t get enough of it either but we don’t eat alot of it though either. I am not a native to Delaware either. I can’t remember if my mother or grandmother told me that they used to have it growing up as kids and they used to call it something like and it was in German, but once I figure out the hole story I will share it with everyone. Man I should of had some scrapple with my breakfast that I was enjoying with my dearl friend/sister Sarah from church this morning. Anyhow, I just thought I would put my 2 cents in to this debate.


  6. I just realized, lol….Oops I spelled Scapple wrong, my goodness, I need more coffee…but not too much, cause I am going to try to do my blood work today….


  7. If I came over right now would your fry some up for me?  I love, love, love scrapple!~Christina

  8. Good morning. I want to tell you I enjoy reading your site. My father drank apple juice, about the only thing he’d consume before he passed away after great sufferring. To this day I find it difficult to swallow it “past the lump in my throat.”  I hope you have many reasons to rejoice today.

  9. I will cheerfully come over any day of the week except today and tell CM that Scrapple is a necessity and staple of life.  He definitely does NOT know what he’s missing, and would do well to lower his food prejudices just a tad.  Although, I’d draw the line at dumping applebutter over it – it certainly sounds organic, and I’m not saying I would never eat that, but applebutter????  I wish I could have some of that stuff that my grandpa used to cook up – mmmmm mm.

  10. You probably don’t want to know — but it is all the stuff from a pig that won’t fit into anything else (snouts included, most times, and other unsavory things) ground up and mixed with a thickening agent, cooked up, then put into these square pans until firm.  We slice it and fry it (like corn mush) and eat it with eggs or in sandwiches or whatever.  People either really like it or they don’t.  It is such a southern Delaware thing!  We even have a town that has an Apple-scrapple festival every September.  Some people do funny things with it like covering it with apple butter, but most of the time, it is eaten as a breakfast food.  I do like it, but it is easy to get too much of it.

  11. oh man… i could eat some scrapple!  i loooooove it!

  12. ok, so the consensus should be that we all head to mary ann’s for some scrapple. :]

  13. Scrapple sounds like home made Spam. Ever read what is in that stuff ? Somethings taste better the less you know about it. I do love fried mush and tomato gravy! My G’mother used to make tomato perserves and water melon pickles. So good when she made them but I never made any that quite equaled hers. Matter of fact I have misplaced my tomato perserve recipe. Would you happen to have a recipe for them?

  14. I can eat scrapple – but i have to be in the mood for it and not really think about what is in it:)  And it has to be fried very crisp – so it doesn’t squeal:)

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