Had to have a root canal this morning.  I can think of few things I hate more, but now it is over, and I am home to my cozy house, and I think I just might do some sleeping.  Eldest Daughter and I had thought to do some shopping (If I felt good enough — I didn’t) so we came on home.  I did stop at Medding and Son’s Seafood place north of  Milford and bought a hot cup of wonderful cream of crab soup ($5.95)  When Eldest Daughter saw how wonderful it looked, I talked her into getting some, too.  Then I came on home, and now I want to just be puttering around doing nothing.  So I shall commence!


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  1. Oh you poor lady!  Yuck, yuck and yuck again to dental work of any kind!  😦  You deserve a recliner, a blanket and a long rest … if it makes you feel better, open an encylopedia or some other such large and intelligence-enriching book and lay it across your lap and to an innocent bystander if will look as though you merely exhausted your mind learning grand and wonderful things.  : )  HAHA!  Not that after a root canal one needs an excuse to sleep mid-day!!!  Blessings to you!

  2. Mary, as I layed back in my dentist chair I thought about you laying back in yours. I also did say a prayer. I know of no one who loves going to the dentist. Yesterday I was there for a cleaning (Two more cavities) and he also put on a crown which he had to numb me for. Aren’t we glad it is today instead of yesterday. Love You Polly

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