Over three weeks ago, I wrote this:  (I was really feeling alone…can you tell???)


Nobody really wants to hear

And no one wants to see my fear

Or get wet from a falling tear

Or get wet from a falling tear. . .

I’m waiting for the axe to fall

I’m waiting for the sad, sad call

To tell we’ve lost him after all

To tell we’ve lost him after all. . .

Oh, pain, walk softly on my heart

A sad, sad song begins to start

That says the time has come to part

That says the time has come to part. . .

I hoped this day would stay its hand

The hour glass would hold its sand

No summons yet from Heavenland–

No summons yet from Heavenland. . .

I think of Heaven’s brightest light

And that there will be no more night

And that what’s there is good and right–

And that what’s there is good and right. . .

I hold the hurt, the pain, the grief

wrapped in the warmth of my belief.

And know where there is sweet relief —

And know where there is sweet relief. . .



HOME FREE — Dec. 18, 2005

Oh, Daddy, how we shall miss you!


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  1. I sat and wept this morning reading the letter you wrote last night…sensing the turmoil of emotions running through you….You will be much on my mind and in my prayers today and this week and in the days to come!  I love you!  ~April

  2. I, too, sat and wept this morning reading your letter.  There are no words to say ….. except that I’m praying hard for you all!  I love you.  Evanna

  3. I don’t know what happened.  I sat here and wrote my heart out and then the computer just sat and sat and finally erased the whole thing! 
    Just before I was ready to crawl into bed, I thought, “I surely do wish I knew what was going on in Salisbury right now,” when the phone rang.  Evanna wanted me to know that your Daddy, our friend, went home to be with the Lord.  How merciful for him and for you all.  How precious is our heavenly Father.  So incredibly compassionate.  During the night in wakeful moments, I could ‘see’ our Brother Mark prostrate before the throne, worshipping the Lord he loved above all else.  All those awsomely gorgeous angels and loved ones, welcoming him home … yet waiting in reverent silence while his eyes were fixed on his Saviour first of all.  Sweet forever to do just whatever it is that one gets to do in heaven.  Wow.
    And then for my comfort and for that of my sweet ‘Sister’, your mother, I sang through the song, Be Still, My Soul, changing the pronouns to make it more personal.  Ah, Mary Ann, such sweet comfort.  I wrote the whole song out before.  Maybe that’s what kicked me out.  (It’s 203 in Life Songs.)  I really need to see her.  To hold her.  And, to be honest, for me as well as for her.  I shall call first to see when I can go.  Love you, my friend.  So much.  Glad I had the opportunity to hug you before church last evening.  Ethel 

  4. Praying for you and your family.  ~ Crystal

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.

  6. My thoughts and Prayers also.

  7. You and your family have my thoughts and prayers as you travel this difficult time.  ~Erica

  8. what else is there to say? you are in our thoughts and prayers.loveyou.

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