The days are running into each other, and there are so many things to think about.  I was glad that Polly posted on her Xanga what I had written to our extended families and friends about my Daddy’s homegoing.  (If you haven’t read that, and want to, just click on “PollythePatchworker” there in my “subscriptions” column.)  I am so thankful for the support, the prayers, the love and the comfort that have been offered by so many people.  I know that there will be plenty of days when I will not feel so surrounded, and there will be days that are hard — in fact this day seems to be getting off to a teary start.  But the memories of these days will help me through and I thank each of you for your gifts to me that have held me and my family steady.  Please pray for my Sweet Mama, especially.  The past two years have taken a toll physically and emotionally, and I know that these next two days will be so draining for her.  As much as I feel the loss of a wonderful Daddy, I cannot imagine what she must be feeling today. 

Last night, standing on the porch, talking to Mark Jr., he said, “I just miss my Daddy!”  It is simple, it is obvious, and it is seems like it ought to go without saying, but to hear and to say it is helpful to me.  And so I say it. . .  “I miss my daddy!”


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  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss and I know there are no words at this time that can fill the hole that has been left in your heart. I will be praying for God to grant you the strength that you will need to get you thruogh this difficult time. Love and prayers Bethany

  2. My heat continues to hurt so badly for you all ….. Still praying……  Love, Evanna

  3. Yes, and you will miss your Daddy for as long as you have breath in this earthly body (and a clear memory to go with it), but the intense hurt and sadness do fade in time.  Last week Carlene brought me a tape recording from when she,  Chris, Syd and Fonda taught Bible School in Mt. Airy.  Hearing Papa and Mother’s voices brought laughter first of all, then tears, but not for long.  God is SO good to His children.  You know that, but it bears repeating at times like this.  Love you so much.  Ethel

  4. Your post reminds me of that song…..”Daddys Home” by Karen Peck and New River.
    Remembering you in my prayers……..  Crystal  

  5. May God be with you all. You are loved and we certainly do care about what you are going through. Naomi

  6. It is so hard to say good-bye. and the missing just hurts so much. But God is greater and it’s so good to know that He is in control.   Nancy Lapp

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