Today we laid him to rest under the Delaware dirt that he loved so much.  Over the years, he has worked with his Creator to produce flowers and food and the best pole lima beans anywhere.  He loved the soil, and he would have loved this beautiful December day.

He would have loved the service today.  So many people he loved all together under one roof.  He would have been proud of our brave Mama, and he would have thought his nieces and nephews sounded good when they sang his Papa’s favorite song.  He would have smiled and said, “How ’bout that!”  and  “Is that right!”  and he would have been astounded that people loved him so much.  He may have thought the meeting was too long, and I know for a fact, he would NEVER have stood in line last night as long as most of his friends did. 

I have been so protected and surrounded this past week.  I realized today that I gain so much strength from other people, and their love and support make me feel strong.  Tonight, home, in the quiet, tired beyond belief — Now I cannot stop crying.  Certain Man took me back to the grave on the way home (at my request) and it started a veritable artisan well.  I am not strong at all tonight.

What will we ever do without him??????

“Lord send your angels to watch over me. . . I’m so afraid of the dark.  Lord send your angels to watch over me.  Wrap me in sheltering arms.”


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  1. Oh my dear lady … I am so very sorry for this dark road you are walking.  He certainly does have His angels watching over you.  I wish I could help ease the pain … tho’ I know I can not.  So I will just continue to pray for you and your Mama and your family.  I love you……

  2. I love the song you quoted and I know Jesus is holding you now.   It’s ok to cry and to be not strong for a time.  We are weeping and praying with you…  ~April

  3. When we are weak, He shows Himself strong.  Giving way to tears, fears, sorrows, grief, helplessness, intense sadness, aloneness, uncertainty, etc, etc, is NOT a sign of weakness.  Just human-ness, if that’s a word.  And since He created us, He knows all about those things and will wait with us, hold us, and gently, in His time, guide willing feet to higher ground.  Praying for you all. 
    Streams in the Desert for today said when we are physically exhausted, (and I know you must be) and are too tired to trust and pray, we need to SLEEP.  Can you do that at all today … this close to Christmas?  Love you, friend.

  4. We are praying for you during this time.

  5. Anonymous

    kathleen and i are praying for your family

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