It is an ordinary Monday morning in so many ways.  The house is a MESS!!!  What alot of living has gone on within these walls in the past week.  I must do laundry so that Lem can go back to Phoenix with clean underwear and socks.  (I’ve been at that for a long time already.)  The dumbest thing I did was to stay up until 2:45 talking to Lem.  (It was not such a long time between then and 5:30.)  The smartest thing I did was to stay up and talk to Lem until 2:45.  So much to listen to, so much to think about, so many things that needed to be said.  Ah, I love the hear the hearts of my children, and see the finger of God in their lives — even (maybe especially!) when I see that God is chastening them.  I am comforted that He is not letting them go.  These adult children of ours who want (need!) to make their own decisions are never out of the reach of God, and I pray they continually reach for Him — but I pray, too that He reaches out for them.  Even when it means correction.  May God keep all our hearts soft.


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  1. Oh, you dear lady.  With soup to make yet.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

  2. Sometimes those smart/dumb things we do make the best and most treasured memories.  So glad that Lem could be here as long as he has.  You all have been much on my mind these days and often in my prayers.  ~April

  3. Sorry your house is a mess, but is comforting to know that I am not alone in that aspect.

  4. Mary Ann, I’m so very grateful that you had this time with Lem!!  Praise the Lord! 

  5. Mary Ann, those talks w/ our teenagers are so special. And it hurts to see them go through tough times. When our children want to talk to us it is such a blessing! Praying for you all during this time of hard adjustments ~Nancy

  6. Mi Madre-I am here. I am fine. I am busy. Hence the inability to talk/call. I deduced that you would think no news was good news…probly not the smartest conclusion ever but hey. I’ll try to call sometime before sunday. Luv yah-Lem
    p.s. And the plane ride was somewhere between bad and awful…full ride and me smashed between one normal, good siced man and one rather over weight one. *sigh* It was alright though…

  7. Maryann, my thoughts were so much with your family over this season that I almost felt I was there….. I am not looking forward to the days that I need to walk these waters, but I know they come, and all I can do is model after your and your family’s exemplary conduct through this experience.  In re: to your talk with Lem, you’ve said enough that I am now curious as to what exactly you talked about.  Hee hee….I’m so nosey.  Happy new year to you!

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