Lem and His Grandma

Photo by Holly Yoder

        If  I could put any one picture on the website from the past two weeks that would depict the emotions that we all feel, I think it would be this one.  I am so thankful that Lem could come home.  I am so thankful that my daddy was the kind of man who loved his grandchildren in ways that he will be missed acutely.  I am so thankful for tears and for hugs and for family and for friends.  Today, when it is hard for me to remember how good I have it, I am especially grateful for Heaven.    Someday, “God will wipe away all tears from our eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:  For the former things are passed away.” (Rev. 21:4)


Lord Jesus, I believe.



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  1. That picture speaks volumes.  Continuing in prayer for your family.

  2. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.  Love you muchly.

  3. I’ve tried on several occassions to leave a comment here, my friend … but there are no words in my vocabulary that connect with the feelings that this one picture brings to my heart.  Love you.

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