It’s now 11:15. 
  The day was full of writing a long overdue letter and an overdue thank you note.  It also held drop in company, some laundry, trying to figure out what to have for dinner tomorrow, some long phone calls, a much needed run to the grocery and drug store and taking down the Christmas Village.
  That last item took terribly long.  For those of you who don’t know, Certain Man has a Christmas village like no other.  It fills two tables that are actually sheets of plywood, and he uses differents sizes and shapes of stryrofoam to build it up into a small mountain with a train running through the mountain so that it looks like a tunnel.  It really is something.  It takes him a long time to put it up, but when it is finished, it is a thing of beauty and artistic arrangement.  It is one of my favorite things about Christmas at our house  But there comes a day when it is time to dismantle the village.  This is the thing I hate most about the village.  It all has to be taken down and put away.  And today was that day!!!
  I hope that when we get it out next year that it doesn’t bring a feeling of sadness.  It was put up the weekend before Thanksgiving, so it was here through small Christmas with Lem and  Daddy and Mama and Nel and Rose — Just before we said good-bye to Lem for what we thought would be a long time.  It was here through the ensuing weeks while Daddy’s health got more and more precarious and over the days of his death and funeral.  It was here when Lem got to come home for Christmas after all, and for the weeks now since, when there has been numerous people in to see it, and while we as a family enjoyed it so much.  But right now, it smacks of the season we have just been through and that season wasn’t the best Christmas ever. . . So, quite frankly, I was more than ready for it to come down. 
Certain Man is amazing when it comes to his village.  It really is his project from start to finish in both setting it up and putting it away, so I just had to help.  I didn’t need to organize.  I think it is safe to say, though, that we are pretty equally tired tonight.  He had to replace a feed line motor this morning and I had to do my shopping tonight after 8:30.  And I am headed for bed — done with my work or not.  It will just have to wait this time.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  Blessed Holy Day!  I am good and ready for a day of rest.  And Monday is a holiday for Certain Man, so maybe he will have more time to rest up.  (Knowing him — NOT!) 
  Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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