This is a view of the village before we took it down.  (In case you didn’t know, you can click on the picture, and it will make it bigger for you.) The little fellow in the front of it belongs to the “gracegiven” gal.  His name is also Daniel, and he is almost three.  His sister, Sarah, is four, and his Daddy and Mama are expecting a new little one in a few weeks.  In this picture, he was busy waiting for the train to come around again.  He would have been happy to stand there for hours, watching the train go ’round and ’round.  One of the things that Certain Man has always practiced was making the village as “child friendly” as possible.  He didn’t want the children to be destructive, of course, but he always has allowed them to touch if they were careful, and he loved to run the train for them.         But now, that is over for another year.  My family room seems to have expanded greatly!  I can get to my windows again, and we can wind the cukoo clock on the back wall.  These are things to be happy about!


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  1. Now that is not a Christmas Village, that is a Christmas CITY!  Amazing!  What a lot of work goes into setting that up!!!  It makes my one little “street” of houses look pretty puny!  =)

  2. Thank you, Mary Ann, for the marvelous picture.  When our son told me where it was situated, I couldn’t imagine it there as it used to be in the other room.  He loved seeing it incidentally.  I reminded him that his plywood with attached track is still in Our basement and that’s he welcome to take it home now that he sold his large, space-consuming weight/work out station.  He said he’d think about it.  Pretty sure that means it won’t be any time soon.  : )  Blessings on your day, my friend.  Thank you for the comments on my last quote.  Surely do love you too.

  3. Daniel is going to miss seeing the train!  I think it was his favorite part about going to your house over Christmas…  But I would be glad for the room again, too.  ~April

  4. Hom you with pictures on your xanga page! ~Christina

  5. I agree with Sue!! that is quite the city!

  6. Hello! I am amazed by the thread of people you find on Xanga and realize you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone you know….did you follow that? LOL . Correct me if I am wrong…….I think my husband and I met your Raph a couple of weeks ago. We were very impressed by his gracious manner. We are in Leon, Iowa and I am sure he met so many people he’d not recall us among everyone else he met.  What a wonderful city you folks have built! Not only the children but I imagine everyone loves it! It is grand! Probably more fun to put it out each year than to take it down, like most decorations.

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