She did it again!  Made my Xanga page a thing of beauty!  Thanks, Christina.  I love it!


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  1. Spring flowers are such a brilliant contrast to the background.  Yes, a thing of beauty.  So are you, my friend.  Love and prayers. 

  2. I see SOMEBODY lives in hope of Spring!  =)  Altho’ it’s almost like we really haven’t had winter yet, it’s been so warm.    Sitting in this log cabin office today, I can believe it IS January though.  It is very–shall we say–AIRY.  It may be cute as a button, but the heating bill ain’t!!

  3. Mary Ann, I’ve always said Spring is my favorite season and I think it is because everything is so new and fresh. No creepy, wingy, flying bugs and weird insects. I think I love it because I feel I have a fresh new start! Thanks for the Spring Feel!!!!

  4. Yeah!! Think Spring!!  I’m ready for it.

  5. Yikes I am so sorry I deleted your comment on my G’daughter’s card posting. I meant to hit your name and go to your page and simply leave a comment for you. I’m so sorry to have done that. Your yellow tulips brightened up my comments area so nicely! Our 3 children each had babies in 1997, Little Paul, Brent’s son(one of 4 boys),sweet little Jacy Rae Lynette, our daughter’s girl(one of 3 children) and then there is Savannah, the only child of Chirs our son. She was such a premie she was less than 2 pounds,you’d never know it to see her, she did so well throughout her 1st weeks in the hospital the staff said it was a miracle. Many prayers were said on her behalf and the Lord answered those prayers. No babies born to our family since. Sorry about the delete. I appreciate your comments.

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