Happy Birthday, Beloved Son in law!

       I’m so glad for the Papa and Mama whose guidance and example and home and genetic contributions have made you who you are.  (Thanks, James and Karen!)
       I’m so glad for the love between you and Christina that brought you to our family.  It has been such a special gift.  We are so imperfect, often fail, and often don’t understand like we should (so unobservant!) but you have accepted us and shown respect even when we didn’t deserve it.  Thank you!
       Thanks for a wonderful evening.  It was a grand Birthday party, Christina!  It is nice to come to your house.


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  1. Hi Aunt Mary!  Grandma says you are going to Georgetown today…
    Have a good time:)

  2. ryc: Please share the story I’d like very much to know about this love story. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Did you write that wonderful love story? It is very well written. So nice. Very inspiring. I often have told my husband that I hope our children will look upon our marriage as lengendary……like your parent’s marriage was.
    Thanks for the little peas and honey poem. I find it quite interesting that you knew that poem.

  4. Thank you for your love, prayers and concern.  We sure do miss our precious little Logan, but know that he is ok, in fact, had he made it through surgery and still be with us, we know that he would have suffered a lot of pain and discomfort, so for that, we are greatful he is pain free now. We will see him again one day. We would not have changed a choice or decission that we made concerning his hospital procedures.  We feel soooo blessed to have had him to love and hold for the time that we did.  We know that we learned alot and have grown alot. Without trials and tribulations we cannot grow or learn, so I am indeed greatful to our Heavanly Father for those opportunities to go through trials in life. 
    Im sorry for the loss of Dad Yoder (as I have heard so many call him).  I remember meeting him as a young child one time when I stayed with Aunt Polly and Uncle Mark one summer.

  5. Thanks for your kind words.  The combo of being pregnant with a head cold isn’t too bad when you are only 3 months vs. 7-9 months – that is when it is hard to breathe anyway 🙂  I am also glad it is just a head cold and not the flu!!  Dustin is only 14 months old – so hopefully he’ll grow out of this stage by 2 – LOL!   My other 2 boys were so laid back and would play with the same 2 toys all day long – not him 🙂 

  6. I think your son-in-law is pretty wonderful :)~Christina

  7. I like your son-in-law, too … and I really like your son-in-law’s wife!!   

  8. Anonymous

    thank you for your prayers. it was about 3 in the afternoon here. we where in the camp and we saw a man running after people with a machette, swinging it at them. there is a lot of angry people here. thanks again ~ Normie

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