Yesterday afternoon was anything but a day of rest for a crowd of people that gathered at the Riehl/Sharp farm to clean up.  It was, at the very least, a most memorable time, but the word that came up over and over again was “Fun!”  
     How could a tragedy like this take on the proportions of “fun?”  I don’t know, but there was such a spirit of brotherhood, so many good conversations and enjoyable joking between the men as they worked so hard to get things under cover before dark, so much good fellowship between the wives and daughters as they got food ready, all that can be said was that it really was a most enjoyable time together.
     Some of you may have heard that there was going to be a clean-up frolic there on Tuesday evening for whoever could come to work until dark, but this morning the insurance adjuster made some changes in the plans.  Clean-up cannot begin until the Fire Marshal determines cause of fire, and it is uncertain when he can be there.  So the clean-up plans are on hold until the Fire Marshal gets there.  I will post a notice here of when that will be.
    In the meantime, thank God for the closed in greenhouses, for systems, although somewhat primitive that are up and running to feed the tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.  Also, even though the greenhouses are up and running, there has been significant loss to the crops — particularly the tomatoes.  Pray that Calvin and Kathy, in counsel with Menno and Lydia, will know what is the best course of action.  Pray for quick replacement of the things they need to keep operating.  Pray that God will bless this family.  It has been heartwarming to hear the positive attitudes and gratefulness expressed when it would be easy to be downhearted and discouraged.


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  1. Anonymous

    sad to hear about the fire… that would hurt big time. anyway i think i’m gonna see karen and your only oldest son. untell then remeber…. i’m pulling for ya, were all in this together.

  2. What do people do when they have no faith in the Lord, no chruch family, no close friends? Life can get pretty rough can’t it ? And having that faith, those friends and family can make all the difference as we face struggles.

  3. That Cathy is a jewel in my heart and so are you. I was going to say ‘crown’ but that didn’t seem to come out right…..

  4. I asked DH if he found out about yesterday.  Yes, he said.  We miss out on a lot these days.  Sounded as though you all needed to be together, if you know what I mean.  I agree with gokum about your value in my heart. 

  5. I take it these people raise greenhouse tomatoes, lettuce, etc. (?) On the auditions, Carla didn’t place, but that is okay. At least she got to go to state!

  6. hey mary ann,
    just so ya know, the girl on my xanga site is my tico sister whom i lived w/  for 7 weeks
    love ya!

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