If you all go over to Jesses_girl’s website, you will find some pictures and a story there of an accident that Middle Sister’s Middle Daughter was involved in on Tuesday night.  It was quite a miracle that Maria climbed out of the twisted metal without significant injury.  
      This whole episode has helped a rather difficult week turn around for me in a strange and timely way . . . It seems like I have missed my Daddy more this week than any other with a grief that is more “helpless.”  Not that I didn’t believe in Heaven, or doubt that we will see him again, but more that he is so gone, and I have thought that I had to see him.  Monday was a particularly teary day, when it felt like I could not stop crying.  Tuesday wasn’t a whole lot better.  I did the things I had to do, but squeezed in between it all were buckets and buckets of tears.
     But then the accident happened, and on Wednesday morning, I stopped in at Middle Sister’s house on my way to Mama’s and saw the mangled remains of what had been the nicest car that Bert and Sarah had ever owned.  I hugged Maria (gently — she was really sore) and marveled at her lack of cuts and even bruises.  Back on the road again, as I was praying about the accident, and thanking God for His protection over Maria, I had to think about how it would have impacted our family if Maria had died in that mishap. 
      And that brought back the memory of the night that Daddy died, and of what it was like to stand at the bedside of a Saint that was dying.  I thought about seeing him go into eternity with a smile on his face, with a life well lived, with his life’s work well done.  That really was GLORY!  And I will always be thankful that I and my siblings had that opportunity.  But to have to say good-bye to another family member —  one who was young and full of promise, and to have her go in such a violent and unexpected way, that would have been a thousand times harder.  I know that Maria loves the Lord Jesus.  I know that she would have been in Heaven.  But it would have been a different grief entirely.  And thinking about the contrast refocused my thoughts to those of thankfulness instead of such deep, deep grief. 
       So, I’m so sorry for the totaled car.  I’m so sorry that Uncle Bert’s don’t have comprehensive insurance, and I am sorry that Maria had to have such a traumatic experience.  But I am glad for the assurance that God isn’t finished with her yet. 
     I think that I will always miss Daddy, and I know that I am not done with tears yet, but I am thankful for the reminder that our Daddy’s going was timely, and that the Mercy that spared Maria’s life is the same Mercy that took Daddy home, and allowed us the privilege to watch that sweet, sweet smile that told of unseen glory.  Praise be to God for His goodness to us!


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  1. I truly don’t know what to say … would hug you tightly if I were there.  Thank you for sharing your thought processes with us.  What sorrow.  What thankfulness.  What praise the Father accepts from your hand.  Love you.

  2. so sorry to hear about the accident. thank God she was not seriously hurt/ today is the day. the party starts at 2;00/ it will be such fun. sister has put so much into this i am a bit embarrassed/ i hope i dont fall and embarrass everyone/ it will be so nice to see everyone;

  3. Anonymous

    Awww Mary Ann what a sweet comment you left on my site.  Thank you for making my day.  Love ya!

  4. Miss Brooks didn’t fall today!! Hurrah! She always handles it very well if she falls down in public, far better than I would. Yes Buckeyegirlie RYC: your prayer for me has been answered I was truely blessed today. What a nice group of women we know, not only here on Xanga but in person. The pictures of that wrecked car are really something. Hard to believe anyone could escape that alive.

  5. Thank you for your gracious invitation. It would be enjoyable I am sure, to visit your home. But at this time, duties call. And it is always good to be at home when you are in the middle of a major winter storm, which we think this spring storm will turn into. (Did you get all that??) We had such a mild winter that it has seemed like spring for a few weeks. But tonight, it definitely looks, feels, and sounds like winter out there. We enjoyed your son this weekend. Hope he makes it home okay. I’m sure he will be dragging tomorrow, but he’s young. He can handle it.

  6. So sorry to hear of your niece’s accident. I rejoice with you that she is not more seriously injured.

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