Today was the day that my dentist that specializes in root canals was to finish what he started almost two weeks ago.  The problem was that the tooth he had started was now feeling fine, and a molar on the other side has been giving me fits.  Last week there was this large, tender bump on my gum that radiated pain up to my eye, and I knew that disaster loomed on the horizon.
     So I sterilized me a big old needle and punched it into that lump.  It went in like it was really going to open something up, but it really didn’t help.  Nothing drained out.  The lump stayed large and tender.  I was discouraged, to say the least.  Especially when this huge canker sore developed where I had inserted that big old (sterilized) needle.
     So I took antibiotics all weekend and held on to my sanity with some pain killer and some warm water flushes, knowing that I was going to see the dentist today and he had said that he would see what he could do about it.
      Today, Eldest Daughter and Middle Daughter went forth with me to the place of torture and they dropped me off at the door and went on to seek things like hair nets and hair pins at the Amish store, and also to see if Byler’s had replenished their stock of cookie dough that tastes homemade.
      The first thing I noticed when on “the rack” was that the tray was already arrayed with the instruments of torture.  They were expecting me!!!  Needles of various lengths and some that were even crooked sat there in readiness.  And I related my tale of woe and asked if there was something they could do with the now troublesome tooth on the other side.  The dentist was sick.  Behind his mask he coughed and snorted and did not smile much.  He is kind, and he does not hurt me much (usually).  The “torture” is the basic principle of the thing, but he really wasn’t looking for extra work today.
      And he looked carefully at the ailing tooth, checked the area about it with concern and then said that it could not be worked on today.  It was too swollen and infected.  He would need to prescribe better and stronger antibiotics than were being used, and hopefully it would “settle down.”
     “Could you just open it so that it could drain?”  Asked this hapless victim.
     “There is no way for me to numb it so that I wouldn’t hurt you.” he said, and that pretty much closed the issue as far as he was concerned.  He is acquainted with my dismal past, and is determined not to hurt me.  I thought about that big, old (sterilized) needle and my hapless stabbing about on my own, and really didn’t think he would hurt me any more than I had hurt myself, but decided not to press the poor sick man beyond his endurance.
     So he finished up the root canal that he had started ten days ago, and it feels a bit tender, but like it will eventually be fine.  And he gave me a prescription for seven days of Clandamyacin (or some such strange antibiotic) and set me free.  And deducted $100.00 off of my co-pay because I am so beautiful.  And it was only 30 minutes after I had gotten there.
      Now, then, where were Eldest Daughter and Middle Daughter?  They were just then getting to Byler’s.  So I decided that I would walk down State Street in Dover until such a time as they could come to pick me up.  It felt warm in the sunshine and the houses were close enough that the wind wasn’t blowing too much.  I had a short sleeved jacket over my denim dress, and thought that I would be just fine.  And so I commenced to walk.
      And the wind picked up speed, and the sidewalk stretched out, and the afternoon sun seemed to get thinner with every step, but I trudged bravely (albeit, coldly) on.  After about four tenths of a mile of pounding the pavement, I looked up and there was the familiar white van, pulling to a stop right at the edge of street, stopping traffic, and opening the door to let me in.  It looked like an inviting miracle, for the spur on my right heel was beginning to complain, and the arthritis in my left ankle was fussing, too.  But that root canal didn’t hurt!  No siree, it was still so numb that my nose felt funny.  The ailing tooth on the other side wasn’t exactly happy, but it wasn’t unbearable.  However, it was a great relief to come on home and to find some pain killer and to have Middle Daughter pick up the prescription and to just vegetate at home.
       And then Eldest Son returned home from his travels afar (He went to see that young lady in Ohio) and things slowly returned to normal at Shady Acres.  The laundry is mostly finished and the house is mostly straightened and people are quieting down for the night.  Maybe tomorrow everything will feel better and even that tooth will have “settled down.”  I think I will betake myself to bed and see what the morning will bring.


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  1. I sincerely hope you had a restful night’s sleep after this most stressful day that you have had. I have decided that tooth problems come in groups, a single root canal is not enough. The whole mouth suffers trauma. Will you go back in a week, or is the med supposed to be so potent that it will fix all your problems? And, do you think the Dentist knew that you used a big, old (sterilized) needle? It all sounds very…painful! May you have a much more painfree day today! 

  2. OW  you made my mouth hurt just reading your words!!!   LOL  I hope the meds help.  I’m glad your daughters picked you up!!  What a day !

  3. I think it was good that we didn’t actually go into Byler’s store. You would have been even more tired when we picked you up, maybe even sprawled out on the side of the road!!  :)~Christina

  4. Ug, I’ll be glad for you when this is all over for you!  You sure have had your share.   No, I wasn’t having a particually bad day the other day when I posted that phrase from the book, just a reminder to me and maybe inspire someone else.   Love you!  ~April

  5. you poor dear, i totally  do not enjoy tooth problems. Sure hope all will be well soon.~ Nancy

  6. What  a story!  My teeth began to hurt as I read your graphic account! You were lucky your daughters arrived to rescue you.  Isn’t it nice when they arrive and mercifully save you! (I hope you don’t try to administer your own remedy to situations like that, again!  Ouch!)

  7. Yikes! you are cut fromthe same cloth as my husband. He does things like you did to your gum! Once he lanced a boil on his arm with a razor blade(sterilized). He doesn’t hesitate to take care of things himself. Me? I can hardly tolerate the dentist or doctor doing it! Sure hope you get this all taken care of soon. Those girls have a much better relationship with you by NOT going to Bylers than if they Had gone into Byler’s store! LOL

  8. Took my little ones to the dentist today – went remarkably well compared to past escapades.  Glad this trip is behind you and hope that tooth has settled down to sleep with the help of antibiotics.  I dread root canals and other such horrors. But I must say your dentist sounds great, giving you that $100 off because of your beauty! 

  9. Anonymous

    Hi  Mary Ann,
    Don’t know if you remember me or not, you guys stayed at our home a couple years ago for BMA Ministers Mtgs. in Mississippi.   Found your site through your sis-in-law, Polly.  You were such an inspiration to me, so glad to have found you on here!  =)    Teresa Miller

  10. BEG, I hope you realize that there may be a few tulips missing from your bouquet since Lucy is looking for some new corsages for Lucy and Ethel’s pictures.

  11. And all because I suggested that the ladies in her picture needed some flowers on their dresses now that she took the shamrocks off! She suggested some of your tulips..guard them closely!

  12. Can’t you girls keep a secret!

  13. Thanks for your comments.  God has certainly helped guide me in my profession.  Some people think I am “special” because I work with people with special needs.  Truly, the kids/adults I work with are the special ones and have so blessed my life!  How amazing this world would be if many more people would understand that!  I hate the dentist!  I am so happy you got out “cheaper” and without too much pain?

  14. Anonymous

    Oh, Auntie, I just love you so much! and miss you.

  15. God Bless you Dear Buckeyegirlie!

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