The last few days have been a bit hectic.  First — thanks for all the well wishes and prayers on my behalf.  The tooth is much better, and I am so thankful!

     My Sweet Mama had cataract surgery on Wednesday.  It was something to be able to watch the procedure on closed circuit television.  What a miracle!  It was awesome!  The surgery turned out just as they had hoped, and she came home about a half an hour after they finished.  We made two trips to Lewes yesterday — the first for her post-op checkup, and the second to get a plain lens fitted into her glasses so that she could see better.  It was greatly unhandy that she could scarcely see with her glasses out of her left eye and couldn’t see without her glasses out of the right.  But we got that taken care of, and she is doing so well.  We hope to do the other eye in about a month.  My Sweet Mama is just such a brave, beautiful, plucky lady. 

     Today, I took Oldest Daughter, Youngest Daughter and Youngest Son’s Girl Jess to Lewes (again!) and we went to Beebe School of Nursing and picked up Middle Daughter for lunch.  What a hoot!  We just plain had fun.  And to make it even more enjoyable (and unbelievable) I looked up right after we ordered our food at Bob Evans, and this car pulled up in the parking lot and a man got out that looked just like my Uncle Lloyd Wert (Mama’s youngest brother) from Pennsylvania.  While my head was processing that, the other door came open and the man that stepped out on that side looked like another uncle, Al Shirk (who is married to Mama’s youngest sister, Aunt Ruth Ann).  I looked extra hard, then, and sure enough!  It was them!  At the Bob Evans in Lewes, DE!!!  I could not believe it!!!  They were at the beach to see about a place to rent for one of the families for a week or two this summer.  What a special blessing from my Heavenly Father.  It was just so good to see them! 

     When lunch was over, we took Middle Daughter back to school, flew to two stores where the soccer shoes and stockings were that Youngest Daughter “needed” for soccer season, and found exactly what she had in mind for the season.  The biggest miracle of was that Youngest Daughter was able to make up her mind, without any of her usual dilly-dallying and we accomplished this task in about a half an hour.  I have seen her take longer than that to decide what she is going to wear!  Another miracle of no less importance was that the shoes she wanted were on sale for less than $25.00!!!  I didn’t know they made shoes for that price anymore!!!  And they were the right color, the right size, and for now, they even smell good.  (History tells me that this is noteworthy.  I am almost certain that her shoes from last year are in tatters because of the atmosphere in her gym bag . . .)

     And then we got back to Milford around 2:00.  All of us were so glad that it didn’t take any longer than it did.  I dropped Eldest Daughter off to pick up her car, dropped Youngest Daughter off at home, dropped Girl Jess off at her house, picked up Blind Linda at Sweet Mama’s house, went to the bank, picked up stamps at the post office for Middle Sister who had surgery today, delivered some eggs to Friend Karen at the Spanish Bookstore, and then came home.  What an incredibly satisfying day.  It was just so sweet in every way. 

     Now I need to make some Chicken-etti for the music boosters spaghetti supper tomorrow night, and I think I will call it a day.  What do you all think?  Is that enough activity for one day?  I’m sure I could think of more things to do if I tried, but I am not going to try very hard.


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  1. I think you better sit down and put your feet up and sigh a long sigh of happiness.  It does sound like a grand champion day!

  2. I think you should get a good book, find a comfy chair and rest! Isn’t it a good feeling to have accomplished so many things!!! My middle daughter is just starting softball, so we got sports things around, too. I bought a lot of easy snack/packed lunch food things today to take along for the full evenings of watching softball. Now I declare myself officially ready for softball (good thing, too as the first game is next week)

  3. Whew what a day for you! I often pray in the morning that at the end of the day I will, or my daughter, or daughter-in-law, have a feeling of “accomplishment” at the end of the day. To me it is such a joy to be busy and see things completed and to bask in that feeling of accomplishmnet. It is a blessing to have things to do and be able to do it isn’t it?

  4. Sorry to have remained signed in as Ourmissbrooks! This is Lucy and I’ll sign out after I post some pix on her site. Sorry for the confusion! This is indeed Lucy_or_Ethel sorry!!! I have this indentity problem LOL

  5. Lunches out with mother and daughters and (in your case) possible daughter-in-laws, are just plain good fun!  And then to see other relatives, WOW!  I am glad you could have such a special day.

  6. Having had four cataract surgeries myself, (two under the knife, and two laser) I can understand your mama’s “washed window” feeling!  Modern technology is truly amazing and I have been exceedingly grateful many times for the joy of good eyesight since I have something to compare it to!

  7. How times have changed! For which your Mama can be thankful. When I was a new, young nurse, cataract patients had to keep their head absolutely still for the first 24 hours. We actually put sand bags on either side of their head and they even had to use a fracture bedpan! Of course, that was eons ago (late 1960’s)!

  8. Whew!  Sigh of relief when I finished reading.  Nearly exhausted me with just the perusing.    So glad you had such a special day.  Mine was too … though not nearly in the same way.  So relieved for your Mama, too.  Blessings.

  9. I will be enjoying your chicken-etti tonite!  Note new friend on here – Patsycline2u! 

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