I know that it looks random, but my tulips are actually coming up!!!!   And here is the proof!  Now there are a whole lot of little shoots that aren’t very visible on this picture, but they are there, nonetheless.  I counted 15 that are actually through the ground.  I am just so pleased.  The other containers have some up, too and out in the grape arbor row, there are a scattering up, here and there.  Maybe I will have some flowers yet.
       Yesterday I bought some lily of the valley for Middle Daughter.  She has had a penchant for these “fairy flowers” since she was very small.  Since they were selling 25 roots for $7.47, I bought 3 bags.  I heard Middle Daughter tell someone, “When Mom decides to do something, she really does it.”  Was it too much to buy 75 roots?  Youngest Sister looked askance when I was telling her about it tonight.  Maybe I need to rethink.
       I have tried and tried to get a picture of my daffodils to upload, and it just doesn’t want to do it!  So, I will try another post to see if that helps.   
Another try did not help, so I guess I will let it go!

Now 7:30. and it is DARK and COLD and I am TIRED–  HOWEVER~

The Lily of the Valley are all planted!!! Thanks to the good help of Middle Daughter. And the color of the tulips??? I bought a package of “Holland’s Best Variegated,” if I remember correctly. It is supposed to be a “profusion of color” — You know, all the things that they say to get you to buy the package of bulbs — which, incidently, was JUST ONE BAG!!! (Thank you very much, Lord, for a moment of sanity while at the Sam’s Club!).  Whew, it is time for a shower and to work on this week’s Bible Study.  I am very grateful for my warm house.



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  1. Cheers for Spring flowers coming up! I had wondered what happened to the flowers you had so diligently planted a while back. Are these some of those? I must say…75 roots of lily of the valley would make a nice bed of flowers to see. I have always loved those flowers.

  2. Mary Ann, the last two times I’ve posted pictures I’ve had nothing but trouble….and I have premium. It will let me load one and then for the next one I might have to try umpteen times. What color are you tulips? Yellow?

  3. wow that is alot of Lily of the valley but it will be a beautiful bed!!!  I love tulips!! Mine are peeking out of the ground also!!

  4. Hope you can keep posting pictures as the flowers bloom. 

  5. I saw that mine are blooming today!  I hope to get a picture tomorrow to post.

  6. Mary, my tulip bulbs are still in the bag under the utilityroom sink.They won’t grow that way I don’t think.

  7. IRYC: Matt has an older sister and an older brother.  Marvin has an older brother, too.  We just got home from Matt’s and they haven’t been able to contact Marvin’s brother yet though. 

  8. My tulips take forever to bloom, but I sure enjoy them when they do.   They were blooming when we brought Dillon home from the hospital – that would have been early May.

  9. They are up close to the porch, so I doubt that you can see them from the road…You are welcome to stop in to see them if you like…..I did plant them last fall.   I am trying to convince my man to go see the doctor, but haven’t gotten to far yet.  I think he may have broncitus, like I had about 1.5 weeks ago.  We shall see if I can convince him to go a bit later on.

  10. I did hear the horn, but didn’t know who it was.  I was probably waiting for a bus.

  11. Do you know that lily of the valley multiply like rabbits? (Well, not quite that fast!)

  12. Anonymous

    hey thanks for stopping by my xanga!

  13. Hi Buckeyegirlie!  The chicken-etti was great!  And I am not sure about those “rules” but since the teacher herself wasn’t there I bet your girl coulda gotten away with it!!  Not sure what was up with all that but the kids weren’t happy!   Hope your week is going splendid!!! Love ya girl!

  14. Hey, the garden sounds beautiful! Glad you have a place for them to spread. I removed mine from a bed last year because they were growing into the shrubs and threatening their growth.
    My sis-in-law’s mother is doing some better. They took her to Indianapolis to her cancer doctor, and I guess he felt something had not healed properly. They are also working some with diet, I think. So maybe my brother will go to Indiana this weekend with his family to pick her up. Thanks for your comments.
    Enjoy my daughter this weekend! I don’t really like this solo traveling, but she is pretty careful.

  15. We are getting some stormy weather tonight! I must go into my garden tomorrow and check on my flowers’ progress or lack there of. I also need to settle in and get some yard clean up done tomorrow. TTYL

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