Good Friday Morning —

Eldest Son’s Girlfriend is coming —

Chicken cooking on the stove —

Double Layer Chocolate Cake baking —

Gaither Music playing with Jessy Dixon dancing in the images of my mind —

Flowers blooming, there’s a bouquet on the dining room table shining yellow and white —

Five hardy red geraniums from Pepper’s Greenhouse that called my name sitting in the sunshine  (“It might be too early,” cautions Mr. Pepper’s Greenhouse.  “If they freeze, they die!”)  I need to watch them carefully. 

And in my heart, there is such joy and grief all intertwined.  How can life be so good when people are sad, when I am missing Youngest Son so much, when it seems like forever since I’ve heard my Daddy’s voice?  But there is this well-spring of joy.  Look outside, Friends, and tell me again about how the Dead shall be raised, incorruptible.  This mortal shall put on immortality, and Death will be swallowed up in victory!!!  YES!!!

I look outside — and I BELIEVE.  Thank God, through Jesus Christ, we have the promise that Easter is FOR REAL!  The thing that makes my heart so quiet with awe is that the reality of the Resurrection will be/is greater than that of death. 



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  1. Scared me half out’ta my wits, Friend, when I read “Good Friday morning”.  Thought I’d let Easter slip up on me somehow, some way.     Loved your post.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if resurrection/rapture was on a morning like this one?!  Wow.    Not that it gonna’ matter what the weather’s like. 

  2. Great posting!  Thanks for sharing this with us. ryc: The weather is 47 degrees,cloudy& windy. Last night we had rain but nothing else manifested it’s self, PTL!

  3. I loved this poating.. I would love to think thoughts like this and be able to express ’em.
    And there is a pan of baked oatmeal here for you. I’ll make sure you get it.
    And there ARE times that I pull over and let the pack pass. I can’t STAND tail-gateing… except this morning I decided what shall be shall be… because I, too, was going maybe 53.

  4. Mmmmmmmm Chocolate layer cake, save me a piece, just kidding….
    Hang in there friend and yes it is a lovely day

  5. Can I come to dinner, too?

  6. Double layer cake…man i think i could eat a whole one all by myself. Maybe a white one would be good too…or a coffee cake. or shrimp chowder…or roast and ‘taters and corn….peach tea….yeah…tha’d be good. =)  And a bed i fit on…and some time to myself. I read your “heaven” post…and i realized…as i get closer to leaving Phx., that i will never ever again be without missing somebody. I will always here somebody’s name and go “i’d like to see them again.” *sigh* Five/six weeks till i’m home for a lil bit. Luv yah mom-Lem

  7. May you have a wonderful Friday! Dominie, as you fly past, pick me up, too!

  8. Hey, on those geraniums, they are usually pretty hardy. Mine are always the last ones to go in the fall, after all the others have frozen off, those remain. Good luck with them!

  9. Hi Aunt Mary!
    I was wondering if I could talk to you sometime soon. I would really love to hear your heart on a subject that has been both a blessing and a trial to me–the covering. I really respect you and your life, and I would love some feedback and diologue.
    God bless your day!  your neice 🙂

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