The weekend has gone well.   I thank all who worried for me.  I am so very tired, but last night after I went to bed, I got to thinking.  I was so tired I could not sleep, and so I was shifting around and thinking about Monday when my husband would be home.  I was thinking that I am so glad the chickens aren’t my responsibility most of the time, as well as the running of the farm . . .
       You local people probably know where this is heading, but sharply into my tired brain came the picture of Connie and the fact that she has all of the responsibility now that her Daniel is gone, and for her, there is no thinking about tomorrow when he will be back.  I had spent the day yesterday missing my Dad so much, and thinking about how much I depend on my Daniel for strength and how when he is gone, I struggle to stay on an even keel.  I had cried a good part of the afternoon, and all I wanted to do was curl up on my chair with a book and forget about everything.  What ever would I do if I were in her shoes? 
       We really are such selfish, self-pitying people.  I certainly needed a good jolt out of my rut! 
       Connie, there are many, many prayers going up for you, and I pray that the God of all Comfort will become more real to you than the very air you breathe and that you will daily feel the love and support of people around you even as you feel the presence of God. 


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  1. Mary Ann, I have also had a reality check. Jeremy’s uncle was badly hurt in a tractor accident yesterday, and for a while it seemed touch and go. He has stabilized but has a long road ahead. He is my husbands age, and they have 3 daughters, and I really have been thinking about how temporal life is, and how I have no assurances that my husband will be here tomorrow. In a Bible Study that I am going through, we have been discussing how to honor and love our husbands, and how to live each day so that we have no regrets. I surely am glad that you have survived the weekend so far. 

  2. I like your new profile picture. Good to know you are doing okay. Yes I know how you are feeling. My man is gone usually 5 out of 7 days, but I can look forward to his safe return home(although that is not for certain) To know he would not be returning would be of terrific saddness and loss. I often think of the Stutzman family in our area and that brave young widow as she faces such heartbreak. 

  3. I have a long list of widows on my prayer list and am reminded of them frequently.  Yes, our dear neighbor has a difficult task and often feels unable to face the days ahead, but has testified to the power of God in daily life.  Still I know she feels overwhelmed quite often.  Thank you for remembering to pray for her, Carey and Matthew.  Missed you yesterday morning.

  4. BEG, it is now Monday and I hope yourCM is home safe and sound and that your are safe and sound, as well, from your chores! 
    Your comment on Lucy’s site is so funny about RL and magnetic field!  I look forward to your clever comments!  Your remarks gave me a needed cheer!

  5. How is the pitch fork wound doing? I appreciated Polly’s comment concerning having something to show for the hurt, it adds to the story to have a bruise,cut or scratch to show don’t you think? Yours was a very well illustrated story!

  6. I enjoyed your tale of the pitchfork.

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