I am eagerly awaiting the return of Certain Man.  His flight was to have landed in Baltimore at 10:45 pm, and then he will be on his way home, Lord Willing.  From all reports, he and his sisters had a profitable time in Ohio.  And I am so grateful.

This is Daniel’s father, on the steps of their house in Plain City, Ohio.  Autumn, 2005 

Daniel's Dad


Daniel and his Mom getting ready to load his Dad into the car.  They have already loaded his beloved scooter. This picture was taken at the same time as the previous one.

Mom and Daniel



          This is not a family member.  It is, in fact, one of the famous troublemakers that is even now, residing (at least partially) in our freezer.  The trouble I had this weekend came from a relative of this one that was much, much smaller.  I wonder what sort of injuries I might have sustained if I had tangled with this critter.



       The final chicken check has been made, the cows have been fed, the other animals have been checked, and I am about ready to call it a night.  (I don’t know if I can sleep, though.  It’s funny how family things can keep a Mama’s heart awake and pondering when she should be asleep.  Which is why I am boring all of you to death with this trivia!)
       On another note, there was an accident tonight just down from our house.  A fellow that appeared to be intoxicated ran into the back end of someone else.  Then decided it would be better to flee than to face the music.  Middle Daughter, home with Linda, received a phone call from out neighbor who warned her to lock the doors as the aforementioned person was making his getaway across our lawn, headed towards the barn and chicken houses.
       Alas, I missed all this action as I was attending a Pampered Chef party with Eldest Daughter.  When we came home there were many police cars and lots of activity going on.  I was informed that they had caught the fugitive (or it may have been one of those nights when the chickens did not need checking!) but there was much excitement to recount. Beloved Son in Law, who was here working on the computer, had taken it upon himself to make a quick check of the outbuildings for me before I got home, and pronounced everything clear.  So I really did not feel scared to do the evening chores and checks even though it was dark.  (I did wonder what would happen if an intoxicated person got tangled up in our electric fence.  Do you think it would sober him up?  Would we be liable somehow if we hadn’t posted signs warning of the electric fence?  Could someone be seriously injured in this manner?)
       Oh, yes, one more thing — my “pitchfork injuries” are doing a whole lot better.  Thanks for asking!  (I am not going to post a picture, though.  My Sweet Mama thought the last one was a little bit indecent.)


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  1. I just typed a long comment and it just disappeared!  I am sure I clicked on “submit”!  I remarked  that your late posting suited my time zone perfectly!  After I tutored at the library until 5:30 and rushed home to feed my boys, I dashed back for a book discussion.  When I came home I had to check my site and everyone else’s.  Usually there is nothing new on those sites that originate from far away places like DE or from Lucy who goes to bed SO early!  What a nice surprise to find you had made a nocturnaln post .  I get to be the first to make a comment about the excitement on your farm.  That guy would have been stopped in his tracks if he had seen you with a pitchfork in your hands, that is, if you had it pointed in the right direction!. (I now am moving my mouse to make the cursor touch “Submit”….)

  2. nocturnal, it should be!  Maybe it is too nocturnal for me!  So I am going to bed now.

  3. What an exciting life!!!  Are you glad every week is not like this last one?

  4. What an interesting entry! Certainly no trivia there as far as I could see. So much to comment about! We used to raise our own beef. We’d name the fatted calf names like “Rib Eye”, “Hamburger” or “Pot Roast”, warped sense of humor only fellow beef producers appreciate. Hope CM is home where he belongs! I imagine he may decide not to leave you without more supervision since it seems you get into much trouble when left alone! Nice pictures of your in-laws and CM. I dearly love to get a peek into your life with your pictures. I noticed the horns on that steer. From my experience with cattle many know full wellthey have those horns and won’t hesitate to use them. I may post one of our funny experiences with cattle someday. We still laugh over it! We received 1/4″ of rain last night! Yea!  TTYL

  5. You know, people always think the exciting stuff happens in the city.  But I have yet to have any intoxicated men running around my lawn, and I don’t own a pitchfork with which to scare one if he did show up!  So I guess I’m going to have to get more creative with my city life or I won’t convince anyone they have to move here!

  6. Mary Ann I had to laugh regarding your comment about father. Maybe this year I’ll have him stand by the statue and see the simularities.

  7. Great posts!  You have such a gift for writing!  The music is wonderful!  If you don’t mind telling me, I would be very interested to know how you got it on your site.  Have been trying to do so and even enlisted dear daughter’s aid but alas, have not been able to make any headway.  Thanks for any help you can give when you have time.  : )

  8. Thanks for the wonderful poem! It made my day! 🙂

  9. I have missed a lot of action by not reading your postings for a week!  You have been quite busy!  Please take care of yourself and your injury. 
    By the way, InstantFamily and I DO have LOTS of secrets and are generally up to something.

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