The music on this site was a Mother’s Day gift from Eldest Daughter. 
If I was writing this song, I could have had at least a dozen more verses! 
I love you, Christina!!!


Mother's Day Flowers

        There was a time when Certain Man tended to ignore Mother’s Day. 
        “You’re not my mother,” he would say with a hint of defiance. 
        It should not have mattered.  He brought flowers for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday and even if he just thought that I was having a bad day.  But when Mother’s day came around, it was always the same story.
       “You’re not my mother!” 
        Of course, I knew that.  We have never called each other “Daddy” or “Mama” unless we were talking to our offspringin’s.  (As in, “What does Daddy say?”  or, “If Mama says you may, then you may, but otherwise, ‘NO!'”)  So, perhaps there were things that fed into to his decision.  
        But yesterday, Certain Man brought me flowers. 
        Says I to Certain Man, “For Me?  For What?” 
        Says Certain Man with a deprecatory shrug, “Mother’s Day!”  
        “Really???  Remember, I’m not your mother?”  
        “I know, but you are the mother of my children!!!”  
        You know what? 
        HE GOT IT RIGHT!!!



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  1. I’m proud to see that Certain Man got it right.  Hey, the wives deserve at least a card with some grateful thoughts….. makes up for whatever thoughtlessness the kids ‘might’ tend to have.  I can’t remember if dad ever did that for my mom consistenly when we were at home or not, but if he didn’t, he should have because we kids weren’t always the most thoughtful.

  2. So there is still hope!   That is good to know.

  3. Mary I know your plate is so full today!!!! We are looking forward to coming to the big party this evening. Sometime today we will send the picnic tables over. I’m hopeing my pickled eggs are getting “pickled enough” I’m thinking Christina and Jess are off on their trip. I’m so happy for her. Are they flying down to catch the boat? Has she ever flown before?I’m praying you enjoy each moment of today.

  4. ahhhhhhhh………..CM has gained even more respect from us Xanga gals…. The flowers are beautiful. What a Blessed weekend you are having, although you must be very very busy. What joy to have so many people around. You have been in my thoughts so often recently as I imagine your days of planning and cooking and having the voices fill your home.

  5. Have a wonderful day followed by a wonderful Mothers’ Day!!!  (Flowers are so lovely. Bravo to your CM for breaking from his bravado!)

  6. Wonderful flowers and wonderful song, I wondered where she found that, cause I wanna send that to my mom

  7. Anonymous

    love the song

  8. Happy Mothers Day to you! Hats off to CM for the flowers! With the time difference I am thinking you are probably in the midst of the big bash! I hope all went well!

  9. Just turned on my speakers to hear your song.  Where did you find it?  So cute!

  10. Love the singing! How did Christina do this? How funny!  Thanks for sharing this! Happy Mother’s Day.

  11.  So glad he got it right  I guess you can teach an old “Man”  a new trick!!! LOL

  12. i love this little song!  and so christina to put it on your site… it gave me a big grin!

  13. Thanks for the song. The chuckle sure started my day off right!

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