This week is almost over.  And, since it was Mother’s Day, the younger generation cleaned up lunch for me, and I got a NAP.  It was most welcome, and it was wonderful!!!  And now, since no one else is needing the computer, I decided to post a tour of :


  Reach team at supper Reach Eating 1

Since the cookout really was for the team, I decided to put some of their pictures first.  The first picture is of Michelle, looking over her shoulder, then Nicole in the navy and Keith in the Coca-Cola shirt.  On the right is Youngest Son’s girl Jess, Michele, and my nephew, Josh, and on this end of the bench on the right side of the picture is Nicole and Keith again.
Reach Standing in line   Reach Lem and Jess

In the picture on the left, you have Jeremy and Sarah, fearless team leaders.  Middle Daughter, Deborah, is talking to two ex-reachers Normie and Kanina.  On the right is Youngest Son, Lem with his Girl Jess.

Reach Carson and trainReach Caleb

And there were lots of children.  On the left is Carson, chugging a ride on the ever popular train.  On the right is Caleb, having a good time on the swings.

Reach Beebs and Nevin Ilva and Victoria   

Here is Nevin in his stroller, who doesn’t look too enthused about life, but he is still one of our most favorite
people.  On the right is the gal we know as Gokum, holding GraceGiven’s little one, Victoria, who really
would have rather been home, from the looks of things.

Reach Ethan and dog Reach Karen and Danielle

And this is Ethan, making friends with the dog, and on the right is Danielle, finding some dessert.

Reach Ice Cream Vultures Reach Josie

In addition to the small fry, there were some of the older ones.  On the left, Certain Man and I
are working at getting out the ice cream.  On the right, friend Josie, who prays for Youngest Son
every day, enjoys a laugh with CMW’s Sweet Mama, who has been mercifully cropped out of
the picture.  I knew she would not approve of her appearance on this picture, but she was present!

Reach John Hartley Reach Eating 3

Friend John tries the homemade some ice cream and Principal Larry is finishing his supper.

Reach Gokum and blanket Reach big spoon 

It was a chilly evening, and Gokum was glad for her blanket.  On the right, Friend John
eats ice cream with a spoon that means business while Brother in law, Jerrel,
looks on. 

Reach Eating 2 Reach Game

There were many friends of the Team who came to share the evening.  Cousin Tim and Friend Jesse join the fun at the supper table, and a good game of Dutch Blitz occupies Youngest Daughter, Friend Caitlyn and Cousin Carmen.

Reach Table scene 2 Reach Swing Friends

Michelle gets some food while Stephanie supervises the other side of the table (probably a erstwhile son over there) and Gracegiven looks on.  Laura and Joanna spend a thoughtful moment on the porch swing.

Reach Table scene Reach Eating

The younger set gets their chance at the potluch food table, and on the right, Eldest Son joins a table of some of the older set.  This isn’t the most charming picture of him, but, hey, he isn’t on many of the other pictures.

 Reach Alma and Joyce 2 Reach Friends

There was much mingling of the different generations.  Friend Joyce watches while Youngest Sister attacks the job of cutting the peanut better bars that she brought.  Later, around the table, Friends Peggy and Elvida chat with Youngest Sister.

Reach Larry, Lem, Jessica Reach Neighbors 2

Youngest Son sits in the middle of Girl Jess’s family.  Her Mom, Lynn, is barely visible all the way to the left of the picture.  (She’s busy talking to a friend).  Next is Girl Jess’s smiley Dad with the shades and then Youngest Son and Girl Jess.  On the right, neighbor Sabrina chats with her Dad, Larry, while Friend Joyce looks on.  That pretty hair that you see in the forefront is Neighbor Lillian.

Reach After supper Reach Neighbors 

Almost Son Kent tries out the bull horn.  (He’s Gracegiven’s hubby).  Three generations in the next picture discuss what to put on Caleb’s plate while his Mom looks on and his Grandpa helps him decide.  That is Almost Son Ken digging in the potato chips.  (V.I.P status, two pictures, side by side, Kent!)

Reach Deck towards Horseshoe gameReach Deck towards the Road 

These two pictures caught the deck at one of its quiet moments (most of the time there was a gaggle of girls there, solving the world’s problems).  On the left, if you look carefully enough, you will see some fellows at the horseshoe pit.  I am sorry that I never got a close picture.  Maybe some of the team will have some on their sites, because it was the most popular game of the evening, and much friendly competition was endured . . .  er, enjoyed.  The right was just a peaceful look out over the other side of the deck.

Reach Ice Cream making Reach Cousins

And the big thing of the evening was making homemade ice cream.  Keith from the REACH team helped my mix up the custard for the freezers, and there were many helping hands to turn the cranks until the ice cream was done.  In the first picture, Friend John is holding down the freezer and providing the man-power.  In the same picture, Caleb, Amy, Youngest Daughter and Niece Edie supervise another freezer.  On the right, Nephew Josh and his little sister, Niece Edie are almost done with the third batch.  We made almost six gallons and it got all entirely too fast.  We should have made at least another 2-gallon freezer full.  We’ll know better next time.

And that was the story in pictures and  words of the cookout for the REACH team.  We miss you all already!



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  1. It looks like the BBQ was a hit (except for poor little Victoria, of course!) How many people would you say were in attendance? I think you need more than just one nap!

  2. happy mother’s day aunt mary!! i do really really like your song…its soo funny! don’t work too hard this week, take a break!

  3. Oh Mary, you deserve a Gold Metal for the way you serve our Lord by serving others!!! Happy Mothers Day.

  4. Looks like wonderful times!  I’m so glad you could do it and it certainly looks as if all enjoyed it!  Rest up now!  ~Erica

  5. Thanks for the pictures.  It was nice to get in on a bit of what is happening.  It looks like you did a wonderful job caring for everyone.  I haven’t been able to get to the computer for a number of days, and HIM asked me tonight at aout Mother’s Day service if I had seen your site.  So instead of emptying the dishwasher 1st I came in here to check things out.  Thanks again.

  6. BEG, what a day recorded in wonderful pictures!  It made me dizzy to think of all of the prep done and activities planned for such a big affair. I agree you need more than one nap.  Maybe a week in the Carribean! 

  7. Thanks Daniel and Mary Ann
    It was a wonderful evening.

  8. Oh Mama,It was so nice to see these pictures. I so wish we could have been there, seeing those pics brought tears to my eyes. we are having a wonderful time here though:)~Christina

  9. also I miss those sweet little boys muchly. if you see ’em hug and kiss them for me:)~Christina

  10. Oh, dear, she is really developing the perfect pout!  Thanks for the wonderful evening; it was a lot of fun for us.   I missed seeing you Sunday morning  –  Happy Mother’s Day to you!  You’ve been a huge blessing in my life, stepping in when my mom couldn’t be here.  I love you!  ~April

  11. What a nice time you folks must have had! Thanks for sharing the pix with us. Hope you sleep well after all this fun.

  12. Anonymous

    wow, what a grand party!  I hope you had lots and lots of help getting ready for it. =)

  13. Not wanting to make you sad, Buckyeyegirlie, I will re-comment my comment.  =D  “Nice editing job!  This one is much ‘wieldier!’  Looks like a great time was had by all!”  (Feel better?)  =D

  14. I have to tell you that my 12 year old heard the Mothers Day song on Saturday evening, listened to it repeatedly, wrote the words down (in church, I am sorry to say) sang it for her friend, and got that friend convimced to sing it with her at the Mothers Day program on Sunday night. They asked permission from the lady in charge, who said go right ahead! 12 year old’s two older sisters were very scared of what the outcome might be, but it was a hit! The lady in charge just called and gave Megan (the 12 year old) license to find a song similar to that for the Fathers Day program!  Does your daughter have any more songs hidden away?

  15. the picture of ilva with her grandbaby is perfect!

  16. oh miss mary ann, first of all i’m somewhat chagrinned (sp?) to say that…yes i’m mourning over a tv show….and yes i need to get a life!  oh well…  secondly i’m so honored to be on your site!  and thanks again so very much for the cookout and the invite to the cookout!  Your house and backyard hold so many great memories for me.  and also (as part of that gaggle of girls who occupied the patio for so much of the evening)…if the world would just listen to us it just might be a better place….or maybe not so much….but hey we do our best.  love, kanina

  17. After reading your comments on Lucy’s site, I am in awe that you were on your feet for the cookout!  You remind me of our Mom who never allowed anything to get her down..

  18. beautiful mary ann, very, very beautiful…makes me sad (because i miss all ya’ll so much) and happy (because you all look so happy) all at the same time

  19. MaryAnn…those pictures were amazing! It was sooo fun to see familiar faces and to see you and your family again! I’m so excited for Delaware! Hope to see you in about 2 weeks time! Tell the family hi!!! Love you…Melin

  20. BEG I agree with your comments about way too much done for the graduation parties. Granted it is a nice accomplishment to graduate, but some go way out and makes me wonder what their wedding reception or college graduation party would be like. In 1984 our #2 son graduated. He had a great friend whose parents held a joint party for their son and his friends. I think I contributed deviled eggs, no hassle, just a nice time for the boys. Then the next year our daughter graduated and was married all within 2 weeks . I didn’t even consider a graduation party until I caved under pressure from her future mother-in-law……….no back bone then. Seemed rather odd to have a wedding reception 2 weeks after a graduation party….same people attending both……but I know how pressured you can feel to do what everyone else is doing. In this area it is way overboard with the country club used for parties and huge guest list………….Some people do landscaping and fixing up to their homes that should have been done 20 years earlier all for this one big party……..So allthough I have no children graduating I would jump on your band wagon to scale down these receptions or do away with them alltogether.*stepping down from my soap box*

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