Mama and her flowers

My Sweet Mama, Alene Yoder

Yesterday, we (my sister, Sarah, two of her children, Maria and Elmer, and a friend, Lori) helped to plant some things at Mama’s house.  I thought that Mama was exceptionally perky yesterday, looking so good, and helping to plant.  This picture was one I took in front of her house with the planter in front that was a gift from a good friend.




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  1. She DOES look good!  =D  And what beautimous geraniums!  (I saw you from afar at the concert the other night and waved to you in my mind.)  =D

  2. She looks wonderful.  Working in the yard is such a great activity for her.  How is she, if that is not being too nosy?

  3. I agree!  I pray for her frequently and my heart aches for her.  I am glad that she was having a good day and that you all are around, close enough to be a support to her.

  4. Your Mama is looking very good in this picture! How is she doing?  I’m sure it was a good day for all of you planting and working together.

  5. I’ve watched your Mom these past weeks. She has a glow about her. Such a quietness of heart… I love her so much.

  6. Absolutely LOVED that you brought her to visit.  She is a gem; a precious jewel.

  7. That picture is worth a thousand words!!!!Thank you so much Mary for sharing it. Mom is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo special!

  8. Such a nice picture. She looks like she feels well. How nice of you to help her with planting. Looks like a very tidy nice house and those flowers are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this nice picture, makes me think of my Mom and to miss her. How old is your Mom? Mine was 93 when she passed away.

  9. A beautiful picture of a beautiful lady!! 

  10. She looks great!  She still just seems to look like I always remember her as!

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