Raph's hair

From this — in the summer of 2004


To this:

RAph's buzz 2 

as of tonight–

My Son, My Son.

What next???

He certainly keeps me guessing!


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  1. Wow!  Well, there’s quite the difference, isn’t there??? 

  2. What a shock that must have been!

  3. That’s the IN look this summer. The guys on my worship team at church have all gone SHORT – one of them almost shorn like your son. I thought I had a new guy on my worship team! The next Sunday another guitar player showed up with his hair cut. He had had shoulder-length hair for at least two years (he looked like pictures of Jesus!), and now he cut it. He also looks like a completely different person. It’s amazing the difference hair makes.

  4. “Hair” today gone tomorrow. I have 2 sons I remember never a dull moment. Your son is very handsome either way.

  5. Oh, my he did go and do it, didn’t he!  I guess he’s quite a bit cooler than he was in the first picture.  Thinking and praying for you, bty!

  6. It must be the heat and humidity!  That can drive anyone to drastic measures to stay cool and “cool”!

  7. Oh, my.  Oh, my.  Dear me.  I do think I prefer the second to the first … though a happy medium would be ideal, huh, Mama? 

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