July 14, 1973

the two of us

Greenwood Mennonite Church
Who could ever have believed what our life together would be like?

This is Daniel’s Uncle Walter, preaching and preaching and preaching.  (He didn’t believe in a short wedding “meditation” back then).  I am showing this picture because I think alot of you will see the back of people you know and love — and many, many who have gone on to Heaven. 

Walter preaching 

And the vows were spoken

The vows are spoken

The Ministers

Walter, John and Uncle Jesse  

Walter Beachy, John Mishler, Jesse Yoder

Our Ushers

Our ushers 

Leslie Yoder, Mark, Jr., Keith Beachy, Vernon Hostetler 

One of our guest receivers

Alma Jean 
. . . my little Sister, Alma Jean

Our Singers

Our Singers 

Shirley Yoder, Gladys Yoder, Rose Yoder, Velma Magill
Jonathan Yoder, David Yoder, Paul Yoder, David Hertzler
(These are old pictures.  I wish you could see them better!)

And we had table servers

Our Servers 

Front: Emma Lou Beachy, Lois Byler, Ellen Layman, Marlene Troyer, Martha Helmuth, Boni Helmuth
Back: Susan Grove, Debbie Kramer, Karen Yoder, Steve Miller
(Some of these gals are married, and I don’t know what their last names are now!  Isn’t it funny how people are good enough friends to be a part of your wedding and then you lose contact with them?  If any of you in this picture read this posting, I’d sure be glad to hear from you!)

This is the wedding party

wedding party 2 

Ilva Hertzler (my cousin),  Ruth Yutzy (Daniel’s Sister), Sarah Yoder (my sister) were the bridesmaids.
Joseph Yutzy (Daniel’s Brother), Nel Yoder (my brother) and Dennis Yutzy (Daniel’s friend) were groomsmen.

I’m so glad for pictures, otherwise I don’t think I would remember anything about this day.  It went past in a great haze, and when I look at the pictures, then I remember all the good, good moments.

 Ilva's favorite

Here that gal we know as “gokum” and I share a reflective moment.  This is one of my favorite pictures of her.


I gave them all away 

And this is one of my favorite pictures of Daniel.  Sometimes when I go to weddings today, I am amazed at the expense that people go to when they gift their attendants.  We just didn’t know better, I guess, but it really wasn’t common to give large gifts.  Daniel had bought nice pens for his groomsmen, and in this picture he is showing me that he really had passed them all out.

It is hard to believe how young our parents looked, isn’t it?
Daddy was only 43 and Mama 44 when we were married.  I can scarcely believe how young he and Mama look in these pictures

Parents and couple 
Ralph and Sue look a whole lot younger, too.

And then there was a reception.  We had opted for a very small wedding cake with sheet cakes for the rest of the crowd.  It was the way we wanted it, and it was just fine for us. We picked the flowers for our wedding the morning of the wedding and we used the fresh roses to decorate the cake.

At the reception


reception table

Daddy and Mama with the Strites
Here my parents visit with Lewis and Anna May Strite, parents of Ruth Ann Strite, a Pen Pal that I had gotten through the Reader’s Write of the old Sunday School paper, “Words of Cheer.”  Ruth Ann was there somewhere, but I never got a picture of her.  We seldom see eachother, but still correspond at Christmas.

walking out 

On and On we walk together —


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  1. Hello , That is nice picture’s on here now. And old picture’s now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. miss mary ann, thank you so much for the example that you and your DH have been to so many of what a Godly marriage looks like.  and great pictures, i really enjoyed looking at them.  🙂  and WOW i never really realized how much certain of your children look like daniels side of the family.  its amazing…  God bless you, i hope your day is spectacular! *hugs*

  3. Great pictures of your wedding!  Happy Anniversary! 

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful stroll through memory lane! We will have been married 20 years in August, and then I will be married as long as I was single. Are you doing anything special for your day?

  5. i love seeing others’ wedding photos. especially those who have defied the odds and beaten the years. its very inspiring.happy anniversary to both of you!

  6. Thank you Dear BEG for sharing these precious pictures. Happy Anniversary! May you have many many more together. I was certain I had checked your site each and every day sometimes often each day. Is there a(major) malfunction at times with Xanga this way ? (or with Lucy)I’ve noticed this on other sites also. And since I am complaining the time stamp sometimes is way off unless I  sleep walk and do Xanga at 2 a.m. central time. How is Rachel? I left a comment re:oldest son’s hair or lack there of. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I LOVE these pictures!! Congratulations and have a blessed anniversary!

  8. What a beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary!!!! Blessings to you both and may God keep His hand upon you. ~

  9. Happy Anniversary Mary Dear,
    Arn’t you glad we’re not doing Corn today?  So how are you two special people going to celabrate?  I loved the one picture of you and Daniel setting behind the cake.  Your expression is priceless.    To think I didn’t even know Mark back then.  It was fun seeing him there with Leslie, Keith and Vernon.
    Have you scanned all your older pictures and put them in your computer?  Never thought of doing that but I just might should.         
    I’m like Lucy, I thought I had checked your site last night late and I never saw the pictures of Ralphael.  Hummmmmm I’m gonna show them to Timmy.             You have a  most special day there with your hubby.   Love You

  10. Happy anniversary!  Loved the last sentence.  Hope you walk on and on together for many more years!

  11. Oh, Mary Ann.  What a delightful “scrapbook” to browse through.  Loved seeing all those people … and where were the Strite’s from?  Hagerstown by any chance?  Have a very happy anniversary celebration!  Love you both. 

  12. Happy Anniversary.  Nice to see pics of my parents I haven’t seen before.  What is Dennis Yutzy doing these days?  I have very distant memories of him, not sure if he visited the mission in Canada or not??

  13. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both!!!    I loved seeing the pictures.  We actually viewed them shortly after 7 am and Brian and I agreed – we would recognize you from your pictures … but neither of us would have recognized Daniel!    Hope you have a blessed day together!!! 

  14. Happy Happy Blessed Anniversary, Wow seening people when their younger is a treat, thank you and Keep on marching on together!
    Love you both!

  15. Happy Anniversary!
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures! And I even knew two of your guest! The Strites have a son who is married to my Aunt.

    Lord of Love, bless this marriage abundantly. Through every season of life, may they see Your hand at work, continually providing, always guarding, faithfully guiding them along the way.
    And as the years go by, in every word spoken, in every deed done and every moment of shared affection, may Your love be the theme of their lives, and the key to their marriage.
    Amen AMEN
    And may the Lord make you increase and abound
    It was great to see the pictures..Bless you both.

  17. Thanks for sharing your pictures.  It was most interesting to see them!  May God bless you on your anniversary and grant you many more years together.

  18. What a walk down memory lane!  I not only recognized lots of people in the pic of the congregation, I saw MYSELF! Third row from the back on the “women’s side.”   =D  I do remember that day.  I remember saying some innane thing in the receiving line like, “God bless you.”  (Because what else does a teenager say in a receiving line at a wedding?!) and I remember you beaming from ear to ear and saying, “He already has, He already has!”  And I think He clearly still is.  =D
    Talked to your Rachel-girl at Rosedale and she didn’t seem to be in any, or very little, pain and was talking and laughing with her cohorts.  Glad all seemed to be okay!

  19. Where was your reception held?  I fail to recognize the place.  Even though I was probably there!

  20. The reception was at the Farmington Fire Hall.  Unfortunately, in the way young people fail to plan, I had assumed that the school would be available.  But there was a big family reunion there that day — Eli Schrock, I think, but I’m not sure.  So, we had to go somewhere else.  Farmington, it was.

  21. Happy Anniversary!  I didn’t know until Mom told me.   What a beautiful bride you were.  I think Mom was your prettiest bridesmaid too… :)….

  22. Congrats!  to you and Daniel on many happy years together and producing such a wonderful family!  Hope you had a Happy Anniversary!!!!

  23. Happy Anniversary!  I thoroughly enjoyed that walk through your wedding…..wonderful pictures!  ~Erica

  24. Happy Anniversary. I really enjoyed the pics.

  25. Lois Kramer-Cahall

    Oh MaryAnn. You are so beautiful. I know I have heard you say that you were the sister who missed getting the good looks….you are so wrong. Lovely. I didn’t know my baby sister was a server at your wedding. I’m sending that picture to her. She will love it I’m sure. Isn’t it amazing how much weddings have changed. It was a magnificent time to live. Simple but beautiful.

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