Praise the LORD! The foot is not fractured! She has to do some exercises that the doctor gave her, and take it easy for the next week. (Which is going to be hard for her!) However, she should be fine. Keep on praying, and thanks for all the prayers already sent up on her behalf.

Deborah for BEG, who is in PA on an outing with Certain Man.


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  1. Praise the LORD.  I have been wondering all day … so happy for the good news.  God is so good … all the time.  Hoping your “outing” is all that you both need for it to be. 

  2. Great news! Praise The Lord!

  3. My mother died when she was 52 and I was 30 – more than 32 years ago.  I do have a wonderful stepmother.

  4. That is great news about Rach, it is not fun to have a fracrated foot in the summer been there and done that

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