You’ve seen our little row of pole limas in a previous post —

 pole limas

They have finally started to get big enough to eat.  The other night, I picked enough to have about a cup–

(I know, I know.  —But I really did want to pick them and cook them and eat them — so I cooked them up with some left over ham, and Certain Man had them for lunch, and I got a taste of them.  Yummy!)

Tonight I went out, and there were a few more.  I stood there in the evening coolness and picked my Pole Limas and thought about my Daddy.  Last Summer, he was busy with the big patch of lima beans that he and Mark, Jr. always grew.  They did splendidly, and we all received from the bounty.  I have one bag left in my freezer, and I cannot bear to cook them. 
They are a tangible link to this Daddy that I miss so much. 

I wonder what he’s growing in Heaven . . .


Pole limas 1

I came into the house and put my little bit of beans on to cook while I cut up some tomatoes that needed cooking.  I made those beans exactly the way Daddy loved them.  Cooked with some butter, salt and a dash of Sweet and Low in more water than usual.  When they were just tender, I added some regular coffee creamer to them, and they would have made him smile. 
But when my own Certain Man came in and saw them on the stove, it didn’t take him long to have some, and they made him smile, too. 

The smiles of two good, good men.

One smiles in my memory.  The other smiles in my kitchen.

How much better could it be?

Lord Jesus, for golden memories of lima beans and summer days;
For the love of two men who love you first and most;
For the extravagant benevolence you have given to me —
Gifts too numerous to count . . .
I give you praise this day.


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  1. Oh Mary, they look just like the ones mom would make for dad!   Thank you for your sweet post!  I’m sure we will all think of dad when we serve our Limas.    You know that patch that Mark is growing just doesn’t look like it did last year with Dad Yoder’s love and care.  Love you Mary. 

  2. I love that little poem at the end of your post. And those limas look SO GOOD! I could eat some right now.

  3. Limas are one of Robert’s favorites. He grows some each year–some years more successfully than others. I believe I have used all he grew last year. His aren’t as far along as yours yet. How is youngest daughter doing?

  4. Such a nice way to remember your father.  I am sure he is smiling and loving you, pleased you are remembering him.  The man in your life now is a blessing to be thankful for.

  5. Those limas look awesome! 

  6. Well arent’ you somethin’.  First you make my mouth water.  Then you go and make my eyes water! 

  7. Sometimes it’s not the big things that really get us after a loved one has gone home~it’s those every day things like pole beans. I do love the way you gave tribute to both men in your life!

  8. Handsinmotion sure hit the nail on the head.  All it takes to make tears smart my eyes is to see a bag of those silly orange circus peanuts candy at a checkout counter … Papa loved them.  Why?  None of the rest of us were terribly fond of them.  Or peppermint patties.  He nearly always had a box in his desk drawer to share with anyone who came to see him there.  Love you and your post on pole limas.  Boy, do they look good! 

  9. Hello , It sound good to eat now. You make me want to eat now to. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

  10. Very interesting way of fixing limas!  I’ll have to try it that way.  That is one of my dad’s favorite vegetables too.  They are my favorite bean and I’ve changed my family into thinking they’re “ok”, to thinking they’re “great”. 

  11. Hey,
    Could you send me in email how you make your lima beans and how long to cook them please?
    We got a quart from Dan and Martha, and I was thinking I would try to make them, since my father in law always does it…

  12. Nice tribute to  2 good men! The beans look so good. For dinner this evening I had tomatoes,microwaved cooked zuchinni and also fried zuchinni all from the neighbors who graciously gave us some. After eating cooked zuchinini it tasted so good I then fried some and both ways were so good. My hubby says he wants to have a nice vegteable garden when he retires and that will be very nice to have.

  13. Lima beans…sounds good, but I’m not growing any this year. In other news, saw both your boys at CMC. Also Jessica. She’s a sweetie.

  14. How did your daughter allergry get? It was an allergic reaction wasn’t it?

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