First of all, I want to thank all of you for the many great wishes for my birthday.  It was a really special day, beginning when I first came downstairs in the morning.  Both Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter were hanging around with that air of expectancy.  (Oh, Great!  What are my poor, unobservant eyes supposed to see that I’m not seeing?)  I looked around carefully whilst they snickered, and finally decided that I should just go and get my ladies up. 
       Says Middle Daughter, “Mom, I think you should just go about your morning routine the way you always do, and you will see.”
       So I began by opening the vertical blinds that cover the sliding glass door.  And there it was!  Certain Man’s birthday present to me—

BBB--Wind Chimes

These wind chimes were some that I had admired in New York a few weeks ago.  I especially loved them because they sound like Westminster Chimes.  In fact, their name is “Church Bells”.  Certain Man had made contact with his sister who had purchased them and brought them to Ohio a few weeks ago when Certain Man’s Aunt passed away.  He brought them home on the airplane, and they were stored at Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law’s house.  I am enjoying them immensely.  He could not have pleased me more.  I love wind chimes.



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  1. What a guy – and what a gift!!

  2. I love wind chimes, too! In fact, when we were in Colorado a number of years ago over my birthday, I was admiring them in a store, and later my family went back and got me one. The one down side of living in Kansas is the wind, so sometimes I need to take them down when really windy spells come along. But they have given me great enjoyment over the years.

  3. I love wind chimes too.  I have some standing ones on my deck that I enjoy muchly.  I was going past your house one rainy day last week and noticed the candlelight in you windows.  It looked so “homey.”  I just wanted you to know.  =D  Oh, and Happy Birthday too!

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