My “Other” Life . . .

Tuesday and Thursday mornings,
If I get the wish of my heart,
There are two little guys that I get to talk to,
Hold and enjoy.

BBB-- Watching

BBB-- I want to push the button

Big Brother helps to feed the birds every chance he gets.
What fun it is to push the slide that lets the food into the “sock.”

BBB-- Carson helps to feed the birds    BBB-- Peanuts for the squirrels
He also knows where the different kinds of Bird food are kept.
He helps to put out thistle seed, corn, sunflower seeds, peanuts and woodpecker blocks and suet.
He knows the different scoops that I use for each one
and is very concerned that we do things right.

(Sometimes when there are flowers to water, he helps do that.  But lately it has been too big a temptation to turn the hose on Aunt Mary, and that is funny for a while because she makes strange noises and moves around quite quickly … then it is very sad because she takes the hose away and isn’t quite as happy as he is accustomed to having her be.  Oh, well.  There are other things to do!)

BBB-- Nevo
Little Brother’s antics light up our lives.  He has a million watt smile that can soften the hardest heart.
He hasn’t been walking very long and is a bit tottery on his feet, but is still able to get around pretty well.
He likes to be outside and “help” whenever he can.
He is cuddly and funny and so sweet.

BBB-- Chicken Run

“After working so hard in the chilly outdoors, it is so nice to curl up on a big, big chair with my brother and watch “Chicken Run” until it gets too boring.  Then the two of us are off on some other adventure.  Before you know it, it will be lunch time and then it will be time to go to Auntie Chris’s house and take our naps.” 
(Actually, before any of us are ready, it will be time for Kindergarden and two wheel bikes and basketball and a driver’s license.)

  Lord Jesus, Where does the time go???
Such beautiful, golden days, too quickly gone. . .

These are the little boys that Eldest Daughter babysits two days a week.
What a gift they are to all of us!


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9 responses to “My “Other” Life . . .

  1. I love your looking at things from their perspective. Especially the part about Aunt Mary making strange noises and moving about quickly when the hose gets turned on her. Wish I could see that.

  2. Sweet post, BEG.  If only we all could have stayed so sweet, innocent and cute when  we grown up!

  3. Anonymous

    How sweet….

  4. What a joy for you to have these little fellows around!

  5. Just browsed a couple of your posts that I had not seen before. Your sweet daughter with her driver’s license will be a help for you for errands. When she left home I missed  my daughter for many reason but right up there major was the errands she ran for me. How are those flowers boxes doing? Do you put heavy rocks in the bottom of those boxes before you plant them? I try to weight my planters down so the wind can’t disturb them.

  6. hello  I saw you popped into my site a few minutes ago so I thought I would pop into yours and say hello!

  7. Just stopping by to say “hello” and to let you know I am thinking of you.

  8. Just stopping by also to say “hello”. What’s happening in Delaware? (You didn’t overdose on those Wilbur Buds, I hope) Oops, maybe no one else in the family knew about them!!

  9. Good morning, just stopping in to check on you!

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