My Kids

Youngest Son, Eldest Son, Youngest Daughter

We had such a good weekend in Ohio with our Sons.
Unfortunately, I came home with a bad chest cold.
But life is good.
I have much for which to be thankful.
We are so blessed!!!


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  1. so sorry you are under the weather .  Glad you had a good visit with the children!

  2. I think that could be captioned:  Hairy and No Hairy   =D 

  3. i forget just how tall raph is and then i see this picture and WOW i’m blown away all over again.  the lady that i took to chicago the other day has 4 children and the shortest one is 6’3″ i think.  tall people make me feel shorter than i already do most of the time.  so excited by what your ES is doing….proud to know your children.

  4. How nice to know that the reason you were absent from xangaland was because you were with your precious sons. What a nice picture. When I have more time I want to compare it to some of those pictures you posted on Rachel’s birthday. Take care of yourself. I am fighting something in my throat since we were away this weekend – always bad news for a music teacher. So I’m overdosing myself on green tea, water, and Hall’s Defense lozengers, which have zinc, echinacea, and vitamin C in them.

  5. So nice to see these children of yours! I’ve met these 2 gentlemanly sons of yours and maybe someday I can met this lovely little daughter of yours also. Hope you get rid of the cold quickly. Take care Dear Friend!

  6. Mary Ann, I’d say them are fine younguns you got there !!!!!  Ralphael seems to have a great team to work with.  Our time was just way to short but we’ll look forward to Thanksgiving.  Love you. 

  7. A handsome group!  You have reason to be proud!  Hope your cold is a short one.  Does that mean that you will not get to have your two little guys visit today?

  8. Hey mom, nice pic…i guess. lol. It was really good to see you. What is deb’s xanga? I can’t seem to locate it these days. Love you-Lem

  9. Hey, Lem — This is me!!!  Love you!  Deb

  10. Great pics as always.  And a fine song– but i hope your flying away home isn’t any time real soon.  mw

  11. Just stopping by to say “hi”!

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