Today I was downloading some pictures, trying to find an acceptable one of my Sweet Mama’s Christmas Cactus for her site ( and I found a set of pictures that I had planned to put on here.  Two weeks ago tonight, our church had a bonfire/hotdog roast/hay ride.  It was FREEZING, but we really did have fun!  Here are some random shots of that good time.

Bon Fire  Josh and Dave

Josh was probably colder than he looked.  Dave, as always, was prepared!!!

Bon Fire winsome three

 (Middle Beauty is Middle Daughter’s friend from school)
Notice Eldest Daughter’s charming hat. 

Bon Fire  Caleb and his Mama

Caleb and his brave Mama.  (Brave because she loves to be warm, and she still came!)

Bon Fire  Mr and Mrs Jones

So, so sorry, Mrs. Jones, that this picture doesn’t do you justice —
But who could resist such a shot of your husband’s wondrous hat?

Bon Fire who is cold

We can smile, even when we shiver!
Middle Beauty here is mutual friend of Youngest Daughter (on the right)
And Friend Laura (on the left).

Bon Fire dirt

“No one said that I had to stay clean!”
The littlest Hughes girlie didn’t let any grass grow under her feet all night!


Bon Fire  Indoor Crew

We had an “Indoor Crew” who came to eat supper, and keep warm by the stove. 
We couldn’t do without these people who may not enjoy the freezing fun of a hay ride on a cold November night, but bring warmth and consistency and a sense of belonging where ever they are.
Here my Sweet Mama, with Aunt Dottie and Uncle John and Uncle Eli and Aunt Ruth eat shrimp chowder and other potluck picnic foods and enjoy good conversation.
Just about when it seemed like no one could get any colder, most of the people crawled aboard the old hay wagon and went for the hay ride.

Guess what!  I didn’t go!  And I didn’t get any pictures of it, either


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  1. Thanks for sharing those pictures! It looks like everyone had fun despite the cold!!

  2. You are an excellent hostess and you and your husband certainly do plan fun times. I enjoyed being there. I chose not to go on the hay ride either. . .I didn’t want to spoil the good feeling I had about the evening!

  3. Looks like a great time with warm and friendly company and that is what counts!

  4. You  were smart to stay near the fire and not on a chilly hayride with the awful cold you were recovering from!  Looks like the cold could not stop the warmth of fellowship among family and friends!

  5. Awwwww sounds like a lovely time, wish we would of known about it, but actually I didn’t want lil Q in the cold much so maybe it is good thing we didn’t come, maybe next yr if you guys do it then….

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