We did it!

Church Cleaning, 2006

We scrubbed the benches – –

A Church Gets Cleaned   Dave and Daniel

Dave and Daniel work at the stubborn black marks.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Robert

Robert uses elbow grease to get his benches clean.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Tammy and Helper

Tammy and her helper scrub benches, too.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Kathy

Kathy came along behind and polished

[deleted image]

So did Thisisloretta, but she tried to play “keep away from the camera!”

EDIT***  I’m really sorry for this unflattering picture, but I didn’t want anyone to think she wasn’t there.
She WAS!!!  She worked very hard!!!  She and her husband and grandson were the last to leave!!!
She really doesn’t usually look so glum!  (I love you, Loretta!)

(conscience-stricken, the owner of this xanga site folds under pressure and deletes the unflattering picture of her friend)

(I still love you, Loretta!)

A Church Gets Cleaned   Joel

Joel cleaned the lights.  No one tried to take his job.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Ilva

Gokum swept and swept and swept.  And then she swept some more.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Emily

Emily was a big help, but she did need a break to play with her “balloon.”

A Church Gets Cleaned   Dale

You can’t see him very well, but this is Mr. Jones of the big black hat in the previous post.  He lugged the stepladder around and helped to clean windows.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Loretta is tired

We lugged buckets and cleaning supplies.  Loretta looks tired,

A Church Gets Cleaned   Donna

We re-arranged bulletin boards and took down the out of date stuff.
Mrs. Jones is quite capable organizer

A Church Gets Cleaned   Washing the windows

Youngest Daughter drove to fulfill her drivers ed requirements from 7-9 AM this morning, then came and helped to clean.  These windows were only a fraction of her jobs.

A Church Gets Cleaned   Wesley and his mama

Loretta B and Wesley are ready to go home.  It was hard work!

A Church Gets Cleaned   music to clean church by

Is there such a thing as “Music to clean church by?”
Yes, indeed, and Caleb and Eldest Daughter found some.

A Church Gets Cleaned   James

The last thing to be done was to clean the outside lights. 

A Church Gets Cleaned   CM ED & BSIL

James and his son, our Beloved Son in Law, did the honors,
Assisted by Certain Man and Eldest Daughter

A Church Gets Cleaned   James and CM

Almost Done!!!


A Church Gets Cleaned   Clean at last

12:30 pm, and it looks like everything is finished.
What a job!!!  But what a satisfied feeling.
And we didn’t need to do the basement, because it was already clean.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for wonderful help, willing hands, and a beautiful day.
Thank you for a clean church house once again. 
But may we be more concerned about clean hands and a pure heart.
And may your Holy name be exalted in our church, in our families, and in our lives.


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13 responses to “We did it!

  1. And BEG did more than take pictures. Just wait until I get a digital camera, my dear! L.

  2. Those of us back this long, dirt lane were with you in Spirit.  If that counts for anything at all….

  3. Good Job!!  Many hands make light work!!

  4. Good job.  It’s really surprising how dirty those benches can get.  It helps so much when everyone helps.

  5. I’m not sure your motive is so “pure” ’cause I am in that picture you posted of Robert doing the bench. You can tell I was there. I love you anyway! L.

  6. Looks like fun! I think those benches look like you could slide right off them now!

  7. I think Loretta got you there, BEG, as I noted that immediately.    I’d want it edited out, too, if I were her.   Brought back precious memories of church cleanings gone by when we got to participate, too.  Blessings on all of you who could and did.   

  8. Wow!  That would be called a deep clean” at my house (which needs one, BTW, so you would be welcomed here!).  I love the feeling when it is done.  With Thanksgiving coming up I am trying to deep clean one  room at a time.

  9. I enjoyed the tour of your church cleaning.

  10. Thanks for your cleaning pictures.  Speaking of which, I’m sure our church could use a fall cleaning as well.  I’ve been in your church 2 or 3 times and I would never have remembered the balcony going all the way around the auditorium.

  11. BEG you might want to be sure and know when  Loretta  gets her camera and then beware!  LOL Nice pictures of your church and your work crew.

  12. I really am scared of what will happen when Loretta gets her camera!  You see, I know that she has lots of material to work with when it comes to unflattering pictures!  But I have to say that I deserve anything she does.  And I will love her anyhow.  (If she wouldn’t try to hide from my camera, I wouldn’t have to do with what I can get . . . would I?)

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