Life At Shady Acres

A -- Village 2

Certain Man has started his Christmas Village!

It must be almost Christmas.


Certain Man is making progress —

A -- Making Progress 2

 Making a village is not all fun and games.


A -- Making Progress

Sometimes it is just downright inconvenient!!!



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8 responses to “Life At Shady Acres

  1. Who knows of the hidden depths of one who inspects plumbing by day???  (Can they be plumbed?  heh heh)  =D  Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. you realize that if my children would happen to behold his “village” (from what I remember, it boarders on the edge of becoming a city) they would no longer be very impressed with my 11 little houses and 2 bridges, that I picked up at the Dollar Tree the other year. =oD

  3. Hello , Hope you have a great week-end now. Sorry I was not on here awhile now at all. I have  to go some where else to check my e-mail’s and check my site now to.

  4. Anonymous

    oh my word, that’s some dedication if he sets that up each year.  needs a room to leave it out all year.

  5. You can soon have your own Roadside America and charge an entrance fee! I love it!

  6. i’m so impressed with his village.  i enjoy seeing what’s new in his little world.  🙂  makes it feel a little more like christmas somehow.

  7. Is his village/city complete or does he keep adding every year?

  8. Wow !!  He makes mine look like nothing!!!

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