Life at Shady Acres II


The Village is done!!!

A -- Village Done

This is the East end of “Daniel’sVillage”

(He actually has a sign that says that right down in front!)

A -- Village Done 2

This is the West End of “Daniel’s Village”


A -- Village Done 3

And this is a look at the middle section. 
(My flash in the window almost looks like a winter moon!)

We are delighted that it is finished once again.  He works so hard to get it done, but we all enjoy it so much.  If anyone wants to stop around to see it, feel free!

Have a Blessed Christmas Season!


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9 responses to “Life at Shady Acres II

  1. Your invitatin is mighty tempting! But probably not between now and Christmas. How long after Christmas does Daniel’s Village stay up?

  2. Good morning my Dear BEG! I love this! Great pictures. I also think “city” is the more accurate word than “village”. It is wonderful. The pictures I recall from last year didn’t include the process nor include Daniel at work did they?  This is so delightful!  Do you keep it out until New Year’s ? It is awesome. Thank  you for sharing it. Now it must feel like the Christmas season is officially under way!

  3. That flash reflection reminds me of a Christmas star. I’m looking forward to seeing the village again and to watching that train go ’round and ’round!

  4. You dare to extend an invitation like that just before our annual hymn festival next weekend?  You just may get hoards of company.  It really looks great.

  5. I love it!!!  I imagine it fascinates many little ones and even a few older ones.  -Erica

  6. Amazing. …. So pretty …. Almost unbelievable!!!! ….

  7. how absolutley beautiful! I love winter christmas scenes as our christmases are hot hot hot!

  8. It looks great! I liked seeing you in the process of making your town! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

  9. I think I know who could provide the fruit cake. I’ll bring one for the party.  It won’t feed hoards, but then it might if no one likes fruit cake.

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