The open house went well — we had alot of fun!  But this hostess forgot all about her camera until the party was almost over, and by then, I was so tired, I didn’t feel like crashing about and getting pictures.  Of course, the next morning, I was very, very sorry, but it was way too late by then.

Today has been a full day, and there are many reasons to give thanks!  I narrowly averted disaster this afternoon.  I was energetically getting trash together since the trash man goes tomorrow.  Out in the garage there is a roll of barrel liners, and when I noticed that the trash barrel needed a liner, I decided to take care of it immediately.  I also took some eggs to the garage refrigerator so that I wouldn’t waste the trip.  While I had the fridge door open, I noticed that there was one lonely diet pepsi in there, so I thought I would take it in for later.  I was going around the end of the car to go out to the trash barrel, and thought that it might be good to stash my diet pepsi on the bumper of the car while going around the corner of the garage, so I perched it up there.  Then, far off in the house, I heard the phone ring.

Now, I am a bit more apt to try to get to the phone these days.  I am longing for word from Eldest Son.  It seems eons since we’ve had any word, written or otherwise.  I am never sure what time it is in Nepal, and when Middle Daughter was in Bangladesh for three months, the solitary call she made home was made at a strange time, indeed.  So, when I am home, I am thinking that any time could be a good time for a phone call from Eldest Son.

Anyhow, I was standing at the end of the car, holding this great long barrel liner when I heard the phone ring, and I thought that I should probably go in there and get it.  Now I want to make one thing very clear.  I was not really hurrying.  I had plenty of time, I thought.  I picked up my diet pepsi, and made my way up the ramp, rounded the corner into the entryway, and came into the laundry room.  As I made the slightest corner there in the laundry room, the long, trailing plastic liner somehow got under my left foot, and I went down with a mighty crash.

There were no obstacles in the laundry room.  I was quite relieved about that.  I didn’t hit anything but the floor.  Somewhere in the far reaches of my conscious mind, I heard my pepsi can bouncing on and on, and both of my hands slapped the linoleum hard.  I was aware that my knees felt like they had received a brush burn, but nothing else hurt.  At all.  I was amazed.  I mean, when a gal goes down like a cow on wet cement, there is usually some kind of damage!  But there was nothing!

So I got myself up, ruefully noting that my phone had ceased to ring.  I was so aggravated that I didn’t even look for my can of pepsi.  Nettie-girl found it some time later and brought it to me.  I think it was somewhere behind the toilet in the downstairs bathroom.  And I was thankful to see that it hadn’t ruptured anything either, in the melee.

I suppose that tomorrow there will be a hundred muscles crying “Foul!” but I feel surprisingly unscathed.  And if that isn’t reason to give thanks, then I don’t know what is.


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  1. Wow!  I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had enough excitement for one day! 🙂

  3. So sorry about your spill.  Hope you won’t be aching too much for the next few days.

  4. Sorry you forgot your camera,I know how that makes me feel when I forget mine. Also sorry about your fall. I do hope now that you continue not to hurt from your fall. Otherwise I am glad your open house went well.

  5. I’m sorry about your fall too, but I must admit I’m giggling. You are just the funniest story teller. This must be the week for falling. Our pastor’s wife was carrying something into her daughter’s house and tripped on the uneven side walk and went flat out, brush burning her hands. Dick was walking out of the rec center and missed his step and went down. He took ibuprofen before he went to bed and was amazed that he didn’t feel any muscles crying “foul” in the morning.I do hope that one of these days or nights, that phone call will be from Eldest Son.

  6. Life has it’s ups and downs.  I love seein you always gettin up!!!!

  7. So sad about your “trip”, but glad you aren’t hurt!

  8. Ouchie, glad you are ok though
    I had a fall like that over the weekend, but it was down our stairs, and the only thing I did was hurt my bum and bumped my back really nicely….Thank God it wasn’t anymore serious and also that I wasn’t holding Quentin at the time too….I wasn’t hurryed down the stairs or anything, just my normal walk…

  9. Hello , Hope you have a great week now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

  10. Just wandering if you are sore by now? I’m hoping not. I haven’t had much time to read xanga, but right now I am at school waiting for my dh to pick me up here after the Christmas progam. I enjoyed the singing and the “acting” of the youngsters tonight.  The kindergarteners were so cute in the their “traditional” enactment of the Christmas story. dh is here so gotta run.

  11. I hope you’re not sore today.  And I’m glad your soda can wasn’t open!!!!  I fell down the stairs running to the school bus way back in high school.  Slipped on the first step of our front porch(it was frosty) and went the rest of the way down on my seat (about 5 steps), books and flute going in different directions in the front yard.  It was a little foggy and the bus driver took off, so all my hurrying was in vain!  Even my insides hurt that day.  Falls can be funny to see, but they aren’t funny to the faller!
    Saturday we had a close call.  We were driving to the mall and were entering an intersection when a Harrington police officer decided to come thru on the red (we had the green light).  He didn’t use his siren until it was almost too late.  I slammed on the brakes and ran into the little cement lane divider and fortunately it wasn’t like a curb but had sloped sides.  No damage to the car or us and we are thankful for His protection.  We had soft music on and it was a good lesson for the girls about not playing the radio loud; one has to be able to hear things such as sirens.  If things had been booming we wouldn’t have been able to stop as quickly.

  12. By now no muscles crying “foul” I hope! Thinking of you.

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