Finally!  Word from Eldest Son!!!
(Actually, 21 words!)

Our Eldest Son

And here, in its entirety, is the message:

Hey mom.

 We made it here safe and sound. Just wanted to let you know that i love you guys. Raph


(Well, at least we know that much!)


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  1. Whewwwwwwwwwwww.  I know the feeling.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Holly but this morning we did get a short little paragraph.  It was more then 21 words.

  2. Happy for you…happy for him.  Like mother, like son………Go Bucks!!!

  3. Anonymous

    hey i like his hoodie! go buckeyes!asim

  4. glad to hear he is safe… nepal…what a fabulous opportunity… guess he will definitely see snow this christmas

  5. Glad you heard from him……He’s not much for typing words into a computer, huh?!  We are praying for his team daily.

  6. So glad you’ve heard from him. I know that meant alot to you! 

  7. Those words are precious, even tho they’re few.

  8. I know that to your mama’s heart those were just about the best 21 words in the English language this day!  =D

  9. Good to know! I was wondering if anyone had heard from him….

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