Wow!  A day when (I think) I get to stay home!

So, I’m gonna’ set up a present wrapping station, turn on my Gaither Christmas Videos, and enjoy it!

All the office Christmas presents are delivered.  (Homemade strawberry jam in pretty jars with old fashioned gift tags)

We got done with the teachers’ and bus driver gifts yesterday (Homemade cinnamon rolls on a pretty paper christmas plate).

And Middle daughter cleaned my messy kitchen.

And my Mama watched my ladies so I could go Christmas Caroling with our church for the first time in many a year!  What a great time we had!  And doughnuts and hot chocolate and great fellowship in the church basement afterwards were all warming and encouraging.

“. . . All is calm, all is bright!”



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  1. Sounds like you are getting it ‘all to come together’ quite well indeed. I am as ready as I’m ever goin’ to be. I do not shop for Christmas. We give modest checks to the G’kids & a check & subscription to our local paper for our children. We order flowers or poinsettias for others and make up cookie plates. So far everyone is very happy for the cash to add to what they have saved for things they really want. We have always been very conservative in our gift giving and expect our family to be the same for us. We are the sort of family that gives chocolate bars or a can of cashews as birthday gifts things we know without a doubt will be wanted………LOL

  2. I am impressed with all you have on your plate that everything is calm and bright.  You must be a master at organization! Have a very special Christmas!
     (I appreciated your wise words on my site.) 

  3. Yummy – Can I be your school bus driver ?

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  5. I’ll be joining you….. it is time to wrap things up.

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