This week has held:

Monday:  Laundry all day — And a lost insurance card for a vehicle that needed to go through inspection.  That wouldn’t have been so bad, but at the very same time a notice of suspension of licence (for an offspringin’) came from the bureau of motor vehicles for a fine that hadn’t been recorded as paid.  There was frantic searching, as CMW was sure that the fine had been paid, but she could find neither record nor ticket nor receipt and no one would answer the telephone anywhere concerning it.  This caused a great consternation, and CMW wondered if she were losing her mind in the fracas.  Adding to that was the fact that Certain Man took it upon himself to go through drawers and cupboards and desktop looking for the insurance card, and occasionally, CMW heard the shredder going and was greatly bothered by that sound.  “Whatever was he shredding????”  However, the magical hour of 4 o’clock came and the offices that wouldn’t answer were closed, anyhow, so everything would have to wait for the next afternoon.  There was a young friend who spent the day, and then a Leadership Team Wives’ meeting in the evening.  And so that long day ended.

Tuesday:  There were two Appointments for Our Nettie Girl — one in Seaford and one in Lewes.  And inbetween a visit to McDonalds that left CMW very, very sick for 24 hours.  She came home from the last appointment, called the out of state bureau that was asking for the license suspension, and found out that there had been a clerical error — the fine had been paid.  They faxed proof of it to the home fax machine, Certain Man took it to the right people and got that straightened out.  He also procured a new insurance card and got his dilapidated old pickup through inspection for another two years.  (Thank you, LORD!) CMW was quite aware through all these proceedings that she was feeling worse and worse, and finally took herself to the upper lair and threw up and went to bed before 5 pm. (This has to be almost a first.  She cannot ever remember a time of doing such an unheard of thing!) and stayed there until 6am the next morning (except for numerous fast trips to the restroom). Sometime after CMW went to bed, Youngest Daughter was out running, stepped off the pavement, turned her ankle and howled loudly until Middle Daughter heard her clear up in her bedroom and called for the assistance of Certain Man.  Certain Man assessed the situation, threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the house.  She was plunked on the La-Z-y Boy and assessed by her (almost nurse) sister and made comfortable for the night with ice and anti-inflammatory meds and her foot up.  Which is where Certain Man’s Wife found her the next morning.

Wednesday:  After an appraisal of the situation Certain Man’s Wife decided that Youngest Daughter really needed to get that ankle checked out.  So after the ladies were off and CMW had managed to sleepily get herself around, it was off the the emergency room.  And after a surprisingly short stay of only about an hour and a half, they were on their way again with an air cast and crutches and instructions not to put any weight on it for a week.  “A sprain,”  they said, “That’s all.”  CMW came home gratefully to her chair.  Her tummy still didn’t feel so great, and she was so sleepy.  Around 4:30, she realized that if she didn’t get the house straightened out for small group, it wouldn’t get done, so she bestirred herself and hustled about as fast as she could.  She motivated some helping hands and everything got ready in time.  Small group was well attended, and people went home in a timely fashion and so, looking blearily at the clock, she headed for bed by 10:30.

Thursday:  That would be today!   This is the regular Bible Study morning, but CMW had a mandatory medicine class at Stockley Center.  So while the girls met here, and went over their lesson, and settled the squabbles and heard about funerals for dead cats that had been found, CMW found herself in the medications class.  To be honest, it was the most enjoyable one she has been to for many a year, and the 104% on the test at the end of it was indicative of how many times she has had to take this material.  It got over early and she came on home — to find that the cord on her fax/scanner/printer had shorted out for good this time.  So she hopped into her car, took it to Radio Shack for replacing and found that it couldn’t be done.  It had to be ordered.  Maybe back ordered.  (BAD, BAD RADIO SHACK!!!  Why is CMW so loyal to you???)  While standing in line at Radio Shack, her cell phone rang and it was Youngest Daughter, asking for a ride home because she was so exceedingly weary after being in school all day with her crutches.  So CMW flew to the Center to pick up Our Nettie Girl, then drove to Greenwood to pick up poor crippled Youngest Daughter, and finally came home again to the house on Shawnee Road that really is her favorite.

And that is where she wants to stay for a while.  Hopefully all day Friday!


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  1. Anonymous

    hello Mrs Yutzy…how are ya? I’m doing good can’t complain…i’m graduating in 2 months….ur family is invited to come….it june 9th.anyway see you soon asim

  2. An eventful but rich & full week so far! You should feel entitled to a restful day Friday,I hope you can pamper yourself. Take care!

  3. I am TIIIIIRRRRREEEEDDDD after reading that!! I’m telling you, your days like that remind me so much of mine back when I had such a variety of people under my roof – all with such pressing and sundry needs. It helps me to realize that as many responsibilities as I have upon me now, at least there is a lot less of the urgent and unexpected than I had back then. It’s always nice to see progress, so thanks!! And thanks, too, for making me smile again.

  4. oh my what an eventful week of mishaps!  Hope your weekend is much better!

  5. I thought I was busy. 🙂   Many blessings as you continue to serve those you love!

  6. Ok, now that I read this post, I understand about being so glad it’s Friday!  🙂   Whew. and I thought I was tired.   I hope this weekend is nice for you, restful and full of sweet times.  We missed you yesterday but we had a good study.

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