Ah-h-h-h-h  Blissful Friday!

No School, so Youngest Daughter can sit with her ankle up when she needs to!

And there are no appointments, so I can mostly stay home!

And it is a beautiful day, so I hope to put some sheets on the clothesline to flap in the wind.

And maybe even pay some bills and do some house work.

Oh, and there is some friendship bread that needs baking.

(Seriously, if anyone wants some, today is the day to get it!)

I wonder what God has in store for this day!


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  1. I am sure God has something in mind for you today!!!  Where it is relaxing or clean or whatever….may you feel fulfilled by it.  If someone comes out this way…I would take some of the friendship bread…but I have no plans on coming that way today.
    I was just sitting here thinking that we should do something today for Mom and Dad….Probably a family dinner and a cake…. I need to call Bethany and get the plans rolling…..Mom has been working on HER wedding album lately…she has decided that after 39 years it’s about time to get it done =o)

  2. Hope you have a lovely sheet flapping day1

  3. I hope today is all you are hoping for … and MORE! 

  4. Well? Was it a blissful Friday??? 

  5. And I was just going to ask, “So what DID He have in store?” Hopefully a blissful Friday.

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