Last night, we had a call from Nepal!

This morning, Eldest Son was able to get some pictures sent:

He has HAIR!

Raph's Team- the beard

(. . . and his Momma is grateful.  She had worried that he might be
mistaken for a Tibetian Monk!)  Tebetian Monk

This is the bridge that he talked about in the last post.

Raph's Team- the bridge

Because it was “cracked” the bus company made the passengers get off, walk across, and reload on the other side.

The country they were recently in is quite poor. 

Raph's Team- the huts

Raph says he would hardly call these things “huts” or even “shacks”. (It  seems those terms are a bit too grandiose for these pimitive dwelling places.)  It was for people in these economic conditions that they were digging wells last week.  He found it so exciting.  I am not surprised that he found the manual labor easier to enjoy than teaching (or treking, for that matter!).

And then this picture, which is probably my favorite. . .

Raph's Team- the better beard

It was so good to hear his voice, and this morning, to get to see some current pictures.

While you’re there, be a faithful disciple.
. . . and hurry home, son!  We miss you!  .


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  1. Wow!  Pictures make it so much more real what he is experiencing!  You must be very proud of him!

  2. Great pictures! Our USA is so blessed, we have so much.
     Raph is nice looking with or without hair.

  3. it’s good to see raph is doing well.  i can’t imagine calling that pile of sticks and such my home… we are so fortunate.

  4. we have so very much to be thankful for!  Our houses even compared to what people lived in  here in the USA several generations ago ,  are very spacious!  We often take for granted these blessings!

  5. Glad to hear all is well with him!  I do think that I prefer the no hair look to the current fuzzy one =oD.

  6. Oh Mary, so dear, so very, very dear!!!!
    He looks  right hugable to me.  Can’t wait till I have the privilege to give  him a squeeze. 

  7. I much prefer the “haired” look (altho a little trim on that beard would not come amiss).  I think he looks very like his papa in that first picture….

  8. The REACH teams are often in my prayers, so it is good to see and hear how one is doing. I can’t remember if he is there for six or nine months. …. Sounded like our children had an adventure or two last weekend!! 🙂 I did have a good laugh out of it, but, on the other hand, you probably didn’t think it funny at 1:15 a.m.

  9. That last picture is really, really nice. And yes, he does look like his dad, for sure. How wonderful to have those pictures. And how wonderful what they are doing for those people in digging those wells.

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