I’m going through my computer room, (Eldest Daughter calls it “purging”) –trying to find out if there are any real treasures there. 

There are!

  I came across an old photo album, full of memories and things that cause my heart to pause and reflect.  Here is a picture of my Precious Daddy and Sweet Mama that was taken sometime between Clinton’s wedding and Nelson’s wedding.  They were probably 41 or 42.  (Mama, Dear, you should have worn your spec’s.  Honestly, you look better to me every year! )

 Daddy and Mama

. . . But Daddy, what I wouldn’t give to see you tonight!




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  1. No picture showed up. 

  2. Picture came through now. 

  3. Photo albums are wonderful aren’t they. There is no way we can simply breeze through them when they provoke so many memories. Miss Brooks and I will see our niece from Kansas City today. She is MrsMagoo414 on Xanga. We are eager to see her as her brother’s wife is accompaning her and bringing her new baby. We shall meet at Miss Brooks’ home. I hope you have a nice day today BEG.

  4. Wonderful picture! I see such kindness in your Dad’s face.  I had my day of revelry yesterday with a picture of Mom, too.

  5. Beautiful picture! Isn’t it amazing to look at pictures of our parents when they were younger than we are now?

  6. ryc: We also play chess. RL is very good at it. I am a very poor loser,I can not blame the luck of the draw or the roll of the dice,I take it personal when I lose as I have no one to blame LOL

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