Last week, I decided that I really needed to do some “deep cleaning”  (hence the”purging” that is still going on in my computer room  It looks a sight!!!).  But on Friday, a dear friend from church was able to come and help me do some cleaning, and I decided that we would dive into cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets.  Poor, poor, misguided friend.

Oh, dear.  I didn’t know what a big job this was.  And as the hours slipped away, it became time for my friend to go and pick her four sons up from school away up in Kenton.  By that time, the cupboards were pretty much washed out and the food stuff gone through.  (She is absolutely incredible!)  But the general outlook was dismal, indeed, and I was getting company for supper and overnight on Saturday.  If this was your kitchen, and your good, good help had gone on down the road, what would you do???

Kitchen Messy  4

Kitchen Messy 3

Kitchen Messy 1

Kitchen Messy 2

I suspect that you would do what I did — PRAY!

And then work and work and work and work.  But I never did get quite finished until today.  And now, with great thanksgiving, I report that the kitchen is back in order.

Kitchen Clean 1

Kitchen Clean 2

Kitchen Clean 3

Kitchen Clean 4

What an incredible relief!  I really think I will sleep better tonight.



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  1. I was so glad to scroll down to your final pictures! What a lot of stuff you have!  But it appears you have a lot of beautiful cupboards to store things in, too.  Lovely kitchen.

  2. Good for you. It feels so good to get such big jobs accomplished. You have a lovely kitchen. I especially like the last picture. Is that next room the one with the fireplace?

  3. Lovely,lovely kitchen! Like all kitchens they sure look better clean and tidy. Good job! Now will you come help me with mine LOL

  4. So happy for you !  I am sure you feel a deep sense of satisfaction for a job well done!  What joy to work in a clean  well organized kitchen!   Now to keep it that way!

  5. Oh, it is always such a good feeling when the kitchen is cleaned!

  6. Things usually go better when we pray, don’t they.  Glad that job is over.  Now I need to go do mine.

  7. Poor misguided friend indeed!  🙂  Whew, what a job.  Want to come do mine next?  I promise it won’t be as complicated!  Just kidding.  I’m glad you got that done.  It must feel wonderful!  It certainly looks beautiful.

  8. Anonymous

    nice kitchen…..

  9. It does look so much better – after the cleaning ! Nice kitchen !

  10. What a beautiful kitchen! I was ummm…cramming things into my cabinets, and hoping that I wouldn’t have to open it when my company was here, and meanwhile I am thinking that I really have to organize them. At this point in time, I am trying Lucy’s method. Close the doors!

  11. a big job that you accomplished!!! its hard to explain the feeling of just getting a room in you’re house cleaned real good & esp. the kitchen!  thanks for sharing pictures/stories of Ralph. looks so interesting. i would love to go to Nepal someday…  when does he come home?

  12. I came to peek at your kitchen since we are building a house and I am finding kitchen decisions just a bit agonizing!  It helps when I can see another’s finished product.  Your husband certainly did a great job with what he designed for you!

  13. You have a beautiful Kitchen, Mary.  It is not my wife’s kitchen that bothers me.  She has lots of cabinets and is very well organized.  It is my shop.  It is a disaster area.  I have space too, but such a mess.  Any volunteers to help get my shop organized?  Thanks for all your prayers during my illness.  Albert

  14. RYC- There is a wonderful family-owned greenhouse business 1 1/4 miles from our house. It is so very convenient when I’m in a pinch. But I find it therapuetic to work with flowers, even from tiny seeds. Since I plant so many, it also saves some money to start my own, but that is not the primary reason that I do. I want to post pictures when I get around to taking some. 😉 

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