He took her very heart
Into his young care.
And without really planning
Or knowing he was doing it
He rewrote the rules and notes
For the music found there.
He encouraged a beautiful Melody
Then added the Tenor.
Their life together was a beautiful song.
And so the years passed.
They added verses and voices
And more harmonies
All carried by the sweet, strong Melody
And the rich, full Tenor.
Somehow they made the rest
Of the world sound good.
Then one April day
The Melody faltered
And there were days and days
Without a song.
And the Tenor could not soar
Without the Melody.
Somewhere in our hearts
We still heard the song
So we stood around her bed
And sang it to her
And prayed the song would
Give her hope.
Then there came a day when
The eyes recovered the sparkle.
The spirit recovered the spunk.
And the song
Though so far gone
from the damaged throat
Went bravely on in the hearts
Of the two we called
Daddy and Mama.
And the harmony was
So beautiful, so pure, so sweet.
Like nothing we had ever heard before.
Haunting in its tenderness.
Tenative in its joy.
Careful in its hope
But tenacious in that thread of Faith
That defined the rest of life.
And then there came the day
When we stood around his bed
And tried to sing the song to a heart
That was already listening
For the Music of Heaven
He may have heard us.
But the other Music was more compelling
And he took his full, rich tenor
And went Home.
What’s to become of the song?
The Melody is still sweet.  Still strong.
But I often see the far away look
Like she’s listening for something, Someone.
And when we sing the Songs of Heaven,
The tears slide down.
Sometimes it seems that if
She listened hard enough,
She could hear that familiar voice.
But no.  It’s long gone.
But the song — The Song!
It goes on and on and on and on.
I hear it in the sounds of the voices.
Of my brothers and sisters.
Our children.  The great-grandchildren.
And I hear it in that
Sweet Strong Melody.
My Mama.
Every day she sings a song
To my heart.
A Song of Faith; of Hope; of Courage; of Love.
Of Heaven.
And I’ve heard it
So often and so long
That the music sings itself to me.
I hear it on sunshiny days
When the paths seem clear.
I hear it when the rain comes down
And speaks life to the winter earth.
I hear it when the night is dark
And I cannot find my way.

And the harmony is
So beautiful, so pure, so sweet.
Like something I have heard before.
Haunting in its tenderness.
Tenative in its joy.
Careful in its hope
But tenacious in that thread of Faith
That defines the rest of life.

And how I love The Song!



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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your parents!   I am awed by your writing talent !  What a wonderful gift the Lord has bestowed upon you!   Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  2. So beautiful! BEG you have such a gift for writing. I appreciate that you share with us,thank you.

  3. You did it again, dear friend. I feel like I’ve touched heaven after reading this post. Yes, beautiful is about the only word to describe it.

  4. You have truly been BLESSED, Miss Mary Ann, to have, and have had, such faithful parents.  And I have been blessed to have known them, even for so short at time as I have been around. 

  5. Anonymous

    yup i agree with these peoplez…..and i heard from a certin person dat ur family is coming to my special event…..im happy with joy

  6. Mary Ann – of all the pieces you have written, I do believe this is the most heart-touching (almost the most heart-wrenching also). It blessed my heart and made the tears come, especially since I know the two you are wrting about. I love your Mama’s sweet smile and the memory lingers of how your dad would quietly come alongside and ask about life in my part of the world.

  7. I hear it when the rain comes downAnd speaks life to the winter earth.I hear it when the night is darkAnd I cannot find my way.–thank you my friend for this reminder of the Song of Life. mw

  8. I see that far——-away look in your mom’s eyes on the rare encounters I have with her.  It’s not a miserable look, it just seems as if she’s listening to another world while she travels around in this one.  I saw her at my mom’s the other day with Polly M – I’m so glad she still has a heart for helping other folks.  She’s a good woman, that one….

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