Certain Man has been a Certainly Busy Man today.
He fixed my clothesline:

April Day 6
(I’ve always had a wonderful clothesline, no matter where we lived!)

And then he worked entirely too hard weeding and mulching the fence row:

April Day 2

I had a profitable day, as well.

I am so pleased with these tulips:

April Day 3

These were the tulips that I had planted in my barrel last summer,
then transplanted to the front of our barbecue pit.
They are just so pretty!

I must confess that the ones that I planted in the grape row are not doing quite so well!

April Day 5

But I think they will do better next year, once they are better established.

And then, Eldest Son’s “App-crabble” Tree has burst into color:

April Day 7


April Day 9


The bees were busy as  —  well, BEES, I guess! 

April Day 8

I was so pleased when I caught this picture of  this little guy as he hummed busily about his business.

What a gorgeous day in Delaware.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

This week has been so full of sadness.
And the wind and the rain and the gray
Were mixed with the tears of our country
As we tried to understand
How things could go so wrong
In someone’s heart
That blood could run so cold.

There are no easy answers
And I listened to the rain
And thought about a family
That loved a son and brother.
He died, too.
And they cannot even mourn
Their loss —
Because of their shame.

What are they thinking on this day
So washed with sun and beauty?
Do they believe that spring
Will come again?
Do they remember anything good?
And when they say their last good-byes
Will anyone mourn for him
Instead of what he’s done?

My heart breaks for all whose loss comes at his hands.
My heart breaks most of all for his mother.
What an unfathomable sorrow.


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  1. Anonymous

    Enjoyed your pictures of your little spot in the world.  A very lovely place.
    Sobering thoughts…

  2. Gotta love those yellow tulips!

  3. You summed up the tragedy very well.  I enjoyed the photos of the tulips, tree, and the busy little bee!

  4. Your home looks so nice and your pix are very pretty. The “Ap-crabble” tree is sure beautiful.
    Your spring is farther along than ours. I also agree you have summed up the tragedy very well. It is a very sad time.

  5. Beautifull.  Love the washline.  You summarized the tragedy so well. 

  6. What a lovely post!  Your place is beautiful.  The loving care it gets shows.  I wish I had a clothesline like that!  There is something wonderful about the smell of sun dried laundry like I grew up with. 
    Your tribute to those lost in VT was poignant.  I, too, have thought of the killer’s family.  VT has put up a stone for each who died that day, including the one responsible.  That shows empathy in the face of horror.

  7. You are right, it is well worth the time. The ministry is simply geared to where we as women live. Let me know how you like it!

  8. I love your pictures.  The crab apple blossoms are beautiful.  I have to feel so sorry for the family of the young man, also.  I’ve heard that they had to leave their home because of death threats.  So sad for everyone.  One young man who had left the building just before the shooting started, was so disturbed that he came to his home in this area, and died in a fatal accident just before he got home.

  9. M.A. – loved your post.  Isn’t it wonderful that our world just starts springing into beauty without much of our effort?  It’s another reminder that something beautiful can come out of our own personal “deadness” or dissappointing experinces, or horrific tragedies.  Those times are truly dispicable…….we mourn, we pray, we sinfully worry, get angry, get bitter, gossip, whatever………and then people turn  to Him  for help.  Maybe they don’t turn to Him, and He continues to do His  work to bring New Life to the situations or people.  It’s then His grace looks more wonderful than spring flowers.  It is more treasured in hearts.  It was on Ressurrection Morning as well.

  10. I can’t imagine how his mother must feel.

  11. The gazebo was here when we came – like you, there would be that matter of “finances” should we have wanted to put one in.  The lady who lived here had MS and was able to ride out to the gazebo in her wheel chair.  I think she enjoyed the birds and the squirrels, of which we have an abundance.   We don’t use it often but I do love it.  I ate breakfast out there Sunday morning.  It was just too pretty to stay inside.  Your tulips are beautiful!  I need to plant some more.  I had the most gorgeous tulips at my row house.  I wish I knew the variety, I would go buy some.

  12. What beautiful spring pictures!  You put many of my thoughts about the VT tragedy into words.  Thanks!

  13. Lovely crabapple tree, looks so refreshing….I gotta get out tomorrow and get some pictures before the weather turns rainy….I will also take Quentin outside too to enjoy it and take some pictures of him too

  14. ryc: Hello BEG I heard you knocking LOL  RL has been home since Sunday morning and is leaving later tonight so I’ll update later, thank you for thinking of me.

  15. ryc: No, nothing to do with the cheerios.   Maybe had I eaten some, I’d have slept better. Hmmmm.Actually tho’, the night I did that, I had a dream about Brian’s dad. This coming Monday will be 10 years since he died.

  16. RYC:  I loved your Biblical reference to the word circumspect .  I may very well have heard that word first from the Bible as a youth.  For some reason it has stuck with me, as well.

  17. Hey, I thought I should let you know the wash is dry now! I’ve been watching it hang out on the line, blowing in the wind for days now. Ha,ha! Just missing you, that’s all.

  18. I’m just passing by and checking in on you and saying”hi”.

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