Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife have just returned from lands afar — (Ohio, actually) where CM and his siblings all descended upon their parental abode for along weekend in which they built a ramp for the daddy, cleaned some house for the mom and divided some shop tools and talked and ate and had a grand time.  (Thanks to all who prayed for us– it was a great weekend!)

Behold, there are many home things that are clamoring for attention, and CMW can scarcely think what to do first, but when things settle down a bit, there are pictures to be resized and posted for all to see.

However, there are several I want to post this morning, just to note that I am so thankful to be HOME!

This is what my Barrel Of Tulips looked like when I left. 

OW Barrel of flowers

But this what I came home to:

OW HA Barrel of flowers

The whole farm seems to be in bloom:

Here are some of the other containers of tulips:

OW HA tulips

OW HA backyard barrel

The Lilacs are blooming

OW HA Lilacs

The Bleeding hearts are still blooming their hearts out:

OW HA  bleeding hearts

And the Quanson Cherry Tree is almost past its peak:

OW HA  Quanson Cherry Tree

Yes, my Xanga Friends, it is good to be home.

And now I need to get the trash to the road, do some laundry and other maintenance things.  Blessings to you all for a great day!


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  1. I see the pretty flowers and blooming trees but what I see the most is a fine lady who loves her role as a homemaker.   Welcome home and many thanks for taking my Queena with you to Ohio.  Her eyes still twinkle and shine from the time spent with Ethan.    

  2. I love your flowers!  Spring is so glorious!

  3. Spring is such a wonderful time of colors bursting forth, and giving a person hope again after a long winter! Unfortunately, my lilacs froze, and most of my other Spring flowers are kind f in the same shape…but there will be other colors soon!

  4. There is no place like home is there? Your tulips were so pretty. You actually have lilacs,I hope ours develop. The late freeze really hurt my lilacs. My bleeding heart is trying to grow but stil no signs of hearts. Dear BEG I hope you accomplish much today and when you finally get into your bed tonight you will have a great sense of accomplishment.

  5. Anonymous

    your flowers are so pretty!  Glad you had a nice trip~

  6. ‘Tis nice to have you home:)~Christina

  7. Welcome back. I was about to check other blogs to see if there was any evidence that you’re still alive, but now I don’t have to do that!! I do love seeing all the beauty around your home and I’m so glad you had a good experience with Daniel’s family.

  8. Mmmmmmmm I luv the smell of fresh lilacs
    Welcome home and glad you had a good time

  9. Home sweet home!  Your beautiful flowers were a nice welcoming home.

  10. ryc: No rocks in Delaware, that would be mighty different than Southern Iowa. Rocky farm land is not highly valued here. We bought a farm fairly cheap but had days of picking up rocks and throwing them into a wagon and unloading them to fill a ditch and make a drive. We dug and pried many out of the ground,hard work, 200 acres of land, Within our family we agree that picking up rocks is one of the hardest jobs we ever did. To this day none of us can walk in a pasture and easily walk by a rock but we have few of them to see. Some people would rather ruin equipment by hitting rocks than to pick them up. This rock RL moved for me recently was buried in our pasture and only a tiny top showing. RL dug and shoveled it out and shoved it into an out of the way corner 37 years ago. It is becoming a more popular trend for large rocks to be placed in yards here. Some have very huge ones. Mine are quite small in comparison.

  11. Beautiful! As I spread the “fertilizer” on the yet-to-be-garden this evening I hit ice (lots of ice) on the bottom of the pile. Tulips are beginning to bud around these parts, but trees in bloom? maybe another week. I’ll try to get the long-season corn in the ground tomorrow before the rain comes, and maybe just maybe it will mature before frost returns. mw

  12. Mary, how do you get the pretty little colored borders on your pictures?

  13. RE your comments on my site:  I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your childhood, too!   And soap in the pipes and paint in the dryer made me laugh, too!

  14. Your flowers are so gorgeous!  It was very pleasant to see you here in Ohio!Certain Man is quite a good baby sitter!

  15. Thanks for the virtual hug! Your pics are beautiful…Marty and Corin got the corn planted today, and the little spinach plants have been transplanted to the back of the house. Now, if we can just give away 4 free kittens at the auction tomorrow, that will be great! God is good – all the time (a saying I particularly remember hearing at Laws). Diane

  16. Your lilacs are lovely. That is something I look forward to all winter, for they are of the first flowers in the spring. But this year all I have are a few here and there. Quite different from last year. So I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful bush. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  17. Don’t stress too much on the cleaning. She is more interested in you and your family than in your house. This I learned from a wise friend. 🙂

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