Homemade Bread

Home Canned Grape Juice

Freshly ironed tablecloths

Just laundered towels

Folded to hang just right.

All these, done for love–

Of You, My Savior

And for my Brothers and Sisters

Whom I also love.

Tonight I feel the tug of weariness

The reminder of the labor of the day.

But even more,

I feel the joy of once more

Being allowed to serve. . .

The quiet satisfaction of

Being “handmaiden” to the Lord

By serving

His Body, The Church.


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  1. what a blessing to be able to serve others!  It gives a sense of personal satisfaction and joy knowing that what you do for others you are doing for your Saviour

  2. Your invaluable service as a handmaiden of the Lord was sincerely expressed by your cousin on Friday. It warmed my heart. I knew you were special, but it was nice to hear it from someone who really knows. I’m so glad I “found” you, dear friend.

  3. Sweet singing is playing in the background and it is very inspiring. having a Friend who is so thoughtful is also very inspiring! May God Bless you this day and always Dear BEG.

  4. You are wonderful with words.  Your heart always shows through, BEG.

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