As promisted

Last weekend, Certain Man and his siblings met at the home of their Daddy and Mom for a work weekend. 

OH Ivan and Rachel

This is Daniel’s middle sister, Rachel, and her husband, Ivan.  They have seven children, six of whom are married and they have 20 grandchildren.


OH Ruth and Andrew 2

This is Daniel’s youngest sister, Ruth, and her husband, Andrew.  (Ivan and Andrew are brothers)  They have four children, and three are married and they have nine grandchildren.


OH Serious biz

And this is Daniel’s Oldest Sister, Lena, (on the right) talking to Aunt Betz.  Lena lives in San Diego, CA, and she is business manager for a busy medical group there.  She had the longest way to come, but we would probably never get anything done without her.  She is a dynamo!!!  Aunt Betz is married to Daniel’s Uncle Homer.  (Homer is one of Ralph’s brothers, and I was dismayed to find that I didn’t have a single picture of him.  He came on Saturday morning and made it possible for Ralph and Sue to attend the wedding of a grand-niece that was in the local community.  That was an incredible blessing to us and to Ralph and Sue.  Thanks, Uncle Homer and Aunt Betz!) 


Daniel’s Father, Ralph, once an energetic and strong man, is now almost eighty-three, and deals daily with issues of health and aging.

OH Daniel's Dad


  His wife, Sue, a year older, is better able to deal with the daily things, but taking care of Daniel’s Dad is really too big a job for her, especially as she gets older. 

OH Ralph and Sue


  OH the work begins

The boys (Daniel and his two brothers in law) came for the primary purpose of making a ramp on the front of Ralph and Sue’s comfy little house that would enable Ralph some independence in getting in and out of the house with his scooter.  The day was rainy and cold.  Andrew and Ivan, the brothers in law, both had bad headaches.  But in the morning, when the three of them were discussing the ramp with Ralph, he forcefully announced that they would never get that ramp done that weekend.  There just was no way.  That was enough to motivate the crew of three and they worked through rain and cold, stopping only for lunch and by evening, the ramp was done!

OH The Ramp

And a pretty ramp it was!!!  Here it is with Ralph and Sue and the infamous scooter.

That evening, (Friday) we were surprised by the arrival of a grandson, Jeremy, with his wife, Doreen and the youngest of their three boys, Donovan

OH Jeremy's family

Jeremy’s were on their way to Wyoming.  They were pulling a big camping trailer that Jeremy had sold to someone out there and they needed to deliver it.  What a blessing their family was to all of us as we traversed the next two days.  And Donovan kept us amused by just being his sweet self.

OH Donovan and Mommy    OH Donovan

Sweet, sweet little boy.


OH figuring out the phone

During the day, we ladies did lots of things:  One of the grandson’s in law had gotten a speaker phone to aid in communication.  Ruth and Lena figured it out for them.

OH cleaning the cabinets

We cleaned, of course.

OH Ruth Rides

Ruth tried out that nifty scooter.

OH the cheering section

We had to go out and see what the men were doing in the shed.


OH gettingready to clean out the shed

That was also quite a job!  But they kept at it and made great progress.  Daniel and his brothers in law were able to separate out some tools, and Daniel was quite pleased with how everything went.


OH cleaning out the shed 

When things were pretty much finished up, Lena took us all to the Eskimo Queen there in town for ice cream.  Her treat!

OH Ice cream

OH Ice cream Lena buys

Lena pays.

OH Donovan eats ice cream

Donovan LOVES ice cream!

OH Happy times

Happy, happy times!

And then it was church on Sunday, visits with good friends, and then catch-up on Monday morning, including a breakfast at Der Dutchman with the Beachy’s (Sue’s family) and finally, we got on the road about noon, and came trucking on home, safe and sound.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us.  We are very aware that the weekend’s success was because of God’s goodness to us.  And we are most grateful.


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13 responses to “As promisted

  1. Mary Ann loved seeing and hearing about your trip out to Ohio with family.  It looks like you all got a lot done and good memories were made to store in your memory banks.  Thanks for sharing.

  2. Top notch, every bit of it. My home-health-nurse/handyman eye took note of the appropriate angle and match-to-the driveway of that ramp. I sure wish I could duck down to that same town at the end of next week to see our eldest on his return from foreign countries. But with crazy schedules and various commitments by all parties concerned, we’ll probably not get to see him for many more months. At least i got to see a spot in your pics that I recognized. (ice cream place) Re your recent comment; thanks. yes. much sadness. will wait on the Lord, trusting to fly like the eagles. messengers attend us. mw

  3. Fun seeing all the pictures. I kept searching them for a familiar face, but I guess I just don’t know many people from Ohio. Glad things went so well and they accomplished their mission.

  4. I enjoyed the pictures and reading about your days in Ohio.

  5. God is good!  And I’m sure you all were such a blessing to Daniels folks.  I loved seeing the pics.  It’s just one of the families I don’t know very well even though I am family.

  6. Your pictures are great! I have long admired the way some families work together and help each other. As far as I know it is more a common Mennonite practice rather than in other circles. Seldom do we see it otherwise. I commend you folks. Looks like it was a nice time also. Great that the weather cooperated. (soft sweet singing is playing on my CD player as I write this,thank you)

  7. I’m so glad that everything went well!   the part about the men getting motivated by Ralph’s comment got me laughing!

  8. Looks like you not only had a productive visit but also a good time of fellowship

  9. So glad it all went well.

  10. Mary Ann,  What a wonderful week-end!!!  I am sure all worked hard but it all became easy because of doing it together with family.  Since Ernie’s parents are both gone, those family times don’t happen as often.  Cherish them!!!  Janice

  11. wow what a nice thing to do! I often wondered about Daniel’s family, now I know.

  12. Excellent jounel. . . interesting story of a good weekend together with family. So glad things worked out well even tho some weren’t feeling the best.

  13. What an inspiration I receive from your posts!  My thoughts were written by my sister before I could write them!  This happens so often.  I wish I could get to my computer first, but our time is two hours behind hers.  LOL  I just say “ditto” to all she said.

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